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DIT helps businesses export, drives inward and outward investment, negotiates market access and trade deals, and champions free trade.

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The Commonwealth's combined population is over 2.4bn & intra-Commonwealth trade is projected to reach $700bn by 2020. With its shared interests, @ewadesmith  shares why the Commonwealth's African nations offer a 🌍 of opportunity for future trade 👇

Africa’s 🌍 #Insurtech  industry is taking off ✈️ – and companies have a big role to play.​ Read DIT's insurance specialists explain what’s behind this growth and why the UK is taking notice 👉 ​ Here's a quick explainer about the insurtech industry 👇

Trade has the power to transform lives & communities, especially for those in developing countries.​ company @blueskiesfruit  👇 🔹 support local communities in the commonwealth 🤝 & around the 🌍 🔹 supply UK supermarkets like @waitrose  with fresh fruit 🥭 @DFID_UK  #UKaid 

It's chocolate week so here's some trade facts about chocolate. We:​ 🍫 sell chocolate to every single continent - even Antarctica​ 🍫 exported more than £800m of chocolate in 2018 ​ 🍫 are home to the International Cocoa Quarantine Centre, located in Reading. #FoodIsGREAT 

It is the 's ambition to be the #1  G7 investor in Africa 🌍 by 2022. ​ 👇 Watch HM Trade Commissioner @ewadesmith  explain why it’s the perfect time to invest in #Africa .​ #InvestinGREAT 

Get ready to import from the EU after #Brexit . ​ You need to act now to make sure you’re able to receive goods from the EU. ​ Click the link for everything you need to know:​ 👉

Today @grahamstuart  will discuss growing foreign investment & the strength of the UK real estate offer in his speech 🗣️ at the #MIPIMUK  summit.​ Watch cricketer 🏏 & property developer 🏨 @flintoff11  at MIPIM 2018 on the support the Government offers property developers 👇

#DYK intra-Commonwealth trade costs 19% less than trade with other nations? ​ Following the Commonwealth Trade Ministers Meeting to deepen our multilateral partnerships, @JoannaCrellin  highlights key sectors in the Commonwealth Caribbean for​ UK firms 👇

The UK is one of the top 3 life sciences hubs in the world 🌍 The UK is #1  in Europe for life sciences inward investment 🏆 +5,800 life sciences companies operate in the UK 🏥 Here are more ways in which is leading in life sciences & health innovation 👇 #InnovationisGREAT 

UK sculpting company Mackenzie & Son have signed a £1m distribution agreement with a merchandising company in the to make @MercuryMOTG  busts.​ All of the profits from sales will go to 's @QueenWillRockharity  .​ @The_MPTRead  more 👇


Since the EU referendum UK exports have increased by 11.4%, as British goods and services are in demand across the world, ONS figures show.

UK firms selling to Switzerland (£19bn in exports) will continue to trade freely after the UK leaves the EU. The arrangements agreed today replicate existing ones and will come into force after the implementation period or earlier in the case of no deal

Today the government announces details of 12-month temporary tariff that will only be applied if we leave the EU with no deal: UK businesses will not pay tariffs on 87% of goods imports by value – helping to avoid price increases & supporting households.

The UK’s temporary tariff regime for a no-deal Brexit has been updated today following feedback from businesses and consumers. 3 specific amendments affecting: oHGVs oBioethanol oClothing Full details here:

The has today signed a mutual recognition agreement with the , ensuring continuity for and businesses, exporters and consumers. #DidYouKnow  UK- USA total trade amounted to £184 billion in the year ending Q3 2018 ().

📈 Latest @ONS  figures show that UK exports to non-EU countries grew twice as fast as those to the EU in the year to end June 2019. Total exports to: #USA  (⬆️ 9.3%) #China  (⬆️ 13.9%) #Japan  (⬆️ 9.2%) Read the press release 👉 #ReadytoTrade 

Silicon Valley has some competition in the UK, as London now has more tech unicorns🦄 than San Francisco. ​ And with over 500 tech firms set up in the last 10 years, Cambridge now has its own tech cluster attracting the likes of @Apple  @amazon  @Darktrace .👇

A future - free trade agreement is top of @trussliz 's agenda as she travels to Washington this morning. This deal has the potential to strengthen our trading relationship and boost jobs and growth throughout the whole of the UK. #ReadyToTrade