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The problem with this title is that it does not add ‘and killed tens of thousands of people.’ Add Cameron, Osborne and Clegg to the lost of those to be held to account

Congo suspends board and management of state #diamond  miner MIBA

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JUST IN: New York reports 56 new deaths related to the coronavirus

Bannon: Time to focus on getting American jobs back, people will be too busy to riot @FoxNews  @SundayFutures 

The EU has stepped back from the brink. Again.

CryptoMoonShots 🚀🌖: Thank you altruistic ones calling out bullshit coins in here. How can we spot them also? 🙋 via ⟶ √

It’s also amazing how anti-anti-Trumpism is all they have left. “He has the right enemies” is so tiresome.

The world economy is likely to feel the impact as Beijing accelerates its shift away from a fixation on rapid economic expansion

Usually, people try to get rid of insects. The reason why five million of these fruit flies are being bred every week will amaze you!