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.Join me in a fun and chill stream for #CookyTime Episode 12 "Holiday Cookies!!!" https://t.co/oQGCcC01m3
.Thanks to all who came today!!! See you next time!


.We are just a few minutes away from finishing this thing!!! Come on by!!!

#CookyTime Episode 11 "Potatoes Anna by Deb Perelman" https://t.co/SLumkPbJot
WE ARE LIVE!!! Get your asses over here, grab some snacks and listen to some music with friends!!! We will begin in about 30 mins!!!

.See you all at 2pm EST in the kitchen!!!

.Gambit player BTW... 🤣😁😬😂😆🎮👾🎮👾🎮👾 @DestinyTheGame @Bungie #Gambit #DeathHealsPrimeval #InvadeThis
Congrats on 100k!!! I want to challenge your gambit team as soon as private matches come out. I think we will give you a nice challenge. 😁👍🏼🎮👾🎮👾🎮
.My newest obsession is watching amateur pilots debunk moronic flat-earthers with 5th grade math. 😆😁😂😬
I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/QDCPRZGhYi The Flat Earther's $100,000 challenge completed by MCToon.
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