Atlanta / Yorker / Mordor

We’re staying with family in the Atlanta suburbs and this morning I did the most cliched New Yorker thing: attempted to walk to a place that is ostensibly like, a mile away, but is in fact like the journey to Mordor on foot

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Atlanta / Yorker / Mordor

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BREAKING: 13 people dead in Indonesia volcano eruption

Interesting AI analysis of Biden press coverage - basically confirms what’s been obvious from monitoring the insider newsletters in real time. Basically relentlessly negative, worse than under Trump even w all the crazy things that happened under Trump

U.S. congressman posts family Christmas picture with guns, days after school shooting

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Here’s what we need to know about the Omicron variant 👇

@DiamondandSilk  responds to Joy Behar's Biden claims: "We have the invoices, all of this stuff is being funded by we, the American people."

This apology from Murdoch’s Credlin ran online at 10pm on Friday. SkyNews was aware of Credlin’s racist lies months ago. The strategy is clear: serve up racist red meat to the audience to do maximum damage; then wait until the story has “died” to quietly apologise. Disgusting.

Gujarat: A businessman organises mass marriage every year in Surat for orphaned women "135 couples including three Muslims and one Christian couple would tie the knot today," said businessman Mahesh Sawani on Saturday

UNITED KINGDOM: Man who placed superglue on door lock of vaccination center in Gorleston, thereby preventing over 500 people from getting their dose, has been imprisoned for twelve weeks.

South Africa investigates "sharp increase" in hospitalized children with COVID