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through meditation i program my heart to beat breakbeats and hum basslines upon exhalation. (Opinion Editor, BuzzFeed News)

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Britain is the only country on earth where you can get your political takes from “Lord Adonis

The media reporting I most want to read right now is an interview with Greg Kelly from Newsmax re his tweeting. Is it a bit? Is someone else doing it? It it earnest? All three answers are amazing

“They don’t believe in me, but I believe in me,” he said. “Because I know me, and I’m a beast.”

(This was a student loan cancellation joke)

I’m generally a huge booster of the metric system but I just absolutely reject it for cooking. British recipes telling me to get 100 grams of shredded cheese, just absolutely dead to me

Just realized that I may watch SNL for the first time in my life tonight

I knew in my heart that SNL was bad but I’d never fully internalized how devastatingly bad it is until this Gen Z sketch

Honestly I had to tap out and turn it off by the end of that sketch. It was genuinely less watchable than those people who do parody songs on YouTube about how much they love Dr Fauci

@Walldo  It’s incredible to me that the NYT and WaPo both have people writing, editing and publishing recaps of this show each week at like 1am on a Sunday morning

Nothing has given me more empathy for my parents than becoming an adult with a house full of nice and damageable things


A man sued his employer for racial discrimination, settled the suit, took the settlement check to the bank to cash it, then the bank didn't believe the check was real and called the cops on him, leading to another racial discrimination lawsuit

To illustrate a grossly racist story about British Muslims, two UK newspapers took a stock photo from Dubai and photoshopped on a face veil.

My friend's toddler babbled "don't forget to subscribe" as he was put to bed. Kid watches so much YouTube he thought it means "goodbye"

Most lucid political thought I've read this week came from guy who got suspended from Twitter for sexually harassing a cartoon cereal mascot

NYPD detective Jeremiah Williams has been accused of anally penetrating 4 different detainees; had 60 complaints and 11 lawsuits filed against him in the last decade. Never disciplined, received 13 pay raises and a big promotion

Spare a thought for Khashoggi's son, banned from leaving Saudi Arabia, who had to go and do this today

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What a wild story: a prisoner serving 39 years to life started making drawings of golf courses. The drawings made their way to Golf Digest, which wrote about him, then realized his conviction was sketchy, then investigated, and now he's free

A guy murdered a woman and her nephew in 1996, was sentenced to 28 years. While in jail the lady's daughter befriended / forgave him and argued for his release. He was let out in 2018, in March he went back to the *same house* and murdered the daughter

The greatest Egyptian magical realism in the news this week: Egypt's electricity ministry cut off power at the water ministry building because it hasn't paid it's bills. So the water ministry disconnected the water at the electricity ministry.

This is amazing: Forbes, The Hill, the Daily Caller and The Federalist all published articles by an Iranian opposition activist who does not exist and is actually just a fake Twitter account run by a bunch of dudes in Albania