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through meditation i program my heart to beat breakbeats and hum basslines upon exhalation. (Opinion Editor, BuzzFeed News)

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@MegaMoira  Yea@lpolgreenh , and I think a lot of the wirecard story got reported by a Financial Times reporter based in Germany too - should've been clearer but I meant it's an interesting thing re German media maybe

Just a reminder to everyone that while criticism of Ben Simmons is completely legitimate, it often spills over into an ugly kind of anti-Australian prejudice that we must all denounce

"The pair, as well as PR whiz Ronn Torossian and Israeli judo champ Or Sassoon, were spotted at Sant Ambroeus Coffee Bar at Loews Regency Hotel"

When exactly did we stop calling people yuppies, and why? I feel like I *should* have read the canonical big think piece on this, but haven’t?

Like, the superficial answer is the yuppies won, and now everybody has their complicated espresso order and walks around talking on their cellphone and uses extra virgin olive oil for everything etc, but there's more going on?

@skinnylatte  I think what it has going for it is that it's probably the best burger you can get at a drive thru, which means a lot more to Californians than it does to people in the Northeast

@BenDWalsh  @DKThompPlus  their locations are all tilted that way - like, in the middle of the biggest office districts, not really the places where WFH / hybrid work people probably want to be working from?

I always just assumed those packets of coffee creamer were like, powdered milk with a touch potassium benzoate to take the edge off, but my god, they’re so much grimmer than that

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I am now officially California road tripping, this is a California road trip account for the coming 7 days

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The Flexport guy, one of the most impressive posting-to-praxis pipelines we’ve seen on here in a while


A man sued his employer for racial discrimination, settled the suit, took the settlement check to the bank to cash it, then the bank didn't believe the check was real and called the cops on him, leading to another racial discrimination lawsuit

My friend's toddler babbled "don't forget to subscribe" as he was put to bed. Kid watches so much YouTube he thought it means "goodbye"

Extraordinary photo from Gaza on the front page of The Guardian today - six year old Suzy Eshkuntana pulled alive from the rubble 7 hours after an Israeli air strike that killed her mom and all four of her siblings

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NYPD detective Jeremiah Williams has been accused of anally penetrating 4 different detainees; had 60 complaints and 11 lawsuits filed against him in the last decade. Never disciplined, received 13 pay raises and a big promotion

Extraordinary story filed by the AP’s Gaza bureau chief just a day before his office was flattened by an F-16

A guy murdered a woman and her nephew in 1996, was sentenced to 28 years. While in jail the lady's daughter befriended / forgave him and argued for his release. He was let out in 2018, in March he went back to the *same house* and murdered the daughter

Eric Trump's wife's brother just got named the deputy chief of staff at NASA

The UK announced it will guarantee everyone’s wages until this thing is over, and Congress is still haggling over like, whats the income cutoff to make someone eligible for the one-time $1200 check

Cops swarmed a passerby's car during a protest, smashed out her windows and snatched her toddler from the back seat, then posted a pic of the kid online saying they found him lost on the street and "we are the only thing standing between order and anarchy"

I will pay a $44.95 one-time fee to read 8,000 deeply reported words on the Four Seasons Total Landscaping story. If the Philly Enquirer does it I’ll take out a one-year subscription. I will support whatever business model that produces this story.