Sutton's lawyer cut in at that point to stop her from continuing. They were discussing whether - due to lost 24hrs - Sutton should begin to give evidence this afternoon. O'Rourke says she won't start cross-examining him unless she has a firm commitment he will return in person.

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“I’ve had dreams where I have done that then woke up! Son’s done it!” “It looked like he was on fast forward!” “To have the composure at the end of the run to finish it.” @IanOllie7  lauds Son Heung-min after his “special” goal 👏 Is it the goal of the season so far? 🤔

Josh Allen missed some open deep ball chances early, but as the game went on his skill guys let him down with a few drops. Have to help the young QB out

On 39th anniversary of John Lennon death, here’s a #Vikings-related  oddity. Chuck Foreman, playing for Patriots in 1980 after 7 Minnesota seasons, had the last carry of his NFL career on the play immediately before Howard Cosell announced Lennon’s death:

I need to improve my parenting skills. 145 dad points to this fella 👏🏻 #MondayMotivaton  #mondaythoughts 

Why have thousands of archaeological sites ‘disappeared’? via @IrishTimesCultr 

Farmer: Rams are back to winning, but here's how the Chargers can help their playoff hopes

🎥 LeBron on AD's 50🍔: "He can do it all, so it's our job to continue to give him the ball."

Anaj-Mandi fire incident was waiting to happen. Politician-Builder nexus involving AAP Party MLA-Minister was exposed by me in 2016 at an AICC Presser. Please see👇🏾 ‘Cong releases sting video,says AAP minister sought Rs 25 lakh bribe via @htTweets ’

In my previous day job, I wanted to play against the BEST and see how I went. Some battles I won, some I lost but I played against the BEST! I like, @anthonyfjoshua  a lot, but until he fights @Tyson_Fury  & @BronzeBomber  & beats them, I’m not having all this hype...!