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Deputy Leader of the Labour Party.

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All politics is local.
Sorry, this is the right link to Aretha with ❤️: https://t.co/qvNWqDSh0A
If you’re on Spotify I’ve made you an Aretha playlist with two versions of “I’ve never loved a man (the way I love you)” on it. And I’ve left the long intro to “Happy days” from Jesse Jackson in. It captures her essence. I may add more later. https://t.co/Dh3s2UEsAy
You send me. It’s impossible to listen to this and not feel love in your heart. https://t.co/yU4c2S8DOp
Labour complains to regulator over coverage of cemetery visit. https://t.co/ej6Pog7ZnK
We teach our children lots about kings and queens, but not enough about the birth of progressive society. The 1819 Peterloo massacre was a seismic moment in political and social reform in this country and should be taught to all our children.
Weedkiller found in wide range of breakfast foods aimed at children. Water soluble Glyphosate. https://t.co/a8aC79Nxww
Good luck to all the A-level students in my constituency and across England, Wales and Northern Ireland who are receiving their results today. Here's hoping all the pain has been worth it. 🤞🤞
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