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Deputy Leader of the Labour Party.

Latest Scoops

The Daphne Project's investigation into "golden passports" and the threat to our security is a powerful piece of work. Shadowy, super-rich criminals may have organised Daphne Caruana Galizia's assassination one year ago. But they cannot kill her legacy.
Dogs home charity boss loses £700,000 at Betfair? Bookies turn a blind eye. Dogs home charity boss wins £700,000 at Betfair? I bet they'd have noticed.
Directors of @Tate and @TheRSC today call for an arts premium to preserve the teaching of arts, music and drama in schools - and deliver on the UK's world-renowned cultural heritage. That's what, I promise, a Labour government will bring to the classroom.
Arron Banks is using his private wealth to bully democratically-elected MPs who dare to challenge his wrecking ball politics. It is more important than ever that people know what is actually going on. Please watch @MichaelLCrick's report for @Channel4News
Great book on bikes and how they can save the world by @peterwalker99.
In over 40 years of listening to #DesertIslandDiscs, this @laurenlaverne interview with @nilerodgers is the best ever. https://t.co/6c7ywqnprl And if any participant deserves to select 5 tracks (out of 8) that he’d personally collaborated on, it’s this legend. #FreakOut ❤️🕺🏻
Here's this week's Days Like This newsletter marking #NationalAlbumDay with a Pop Quiz, London Calling, The Great Rock 'n' Roll Swindle and absolutely No Shame.
A friend is taking part in a Memory Walk today raising money for the Alzheimer's Society. It is a great cause in honour of his mum, and meets the request of the late and great @GMB President Mary Turner. Please support if you can.

I’m writing a piece for my Saturday evening newsletter on national @AlbumDayUK. What’s your favourite album and why? I’ll try to include some of the answers on my playlist.
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