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Latest Scoops

A goodbye to remember: @Skynyrd farewell tour delights Huntington Center crowd. https://t.co/juO6izQspZ @DuggerBlade
Purdue shocks second-ranked Ohio State, 49-20. https://t.co/UJUSK3F0Fy
At one point, Toledo was a behemoth in the nation’s brewing industry. Today, it's a part of Ohio's craft beer renaissance. https://t.co/euoEb7RJGW @DuggerCountry
View the livestream of the second U.S. Senate debate between @SenSherrodBrown and @JimRenacci. https://t.co/mfAj9XaJ1t @lizskalka
Ballot initiatives for marijuana, redistricting in front of Michigan voters. https://t.co/lAs2EjGToU
More than 7,000 in Lucas County without power. https://t.co/WMoD17zjhV
Walk and talk like a zombie?
Tonight is the night in #Toledo419 to join the fun. All the details here. https://t.co/pPYDEc3YA9
Michigan is the next big test for legal pot on the ballot. @AlexMesterBlade https://t.co/dPFbeCgBij
Tent City opens doors for poverty-stricken, homeless in #Toledo419.
Electric vehicles 🚗 charge ahead to convince skeptical buyers. https://t.co/2eDf2nCBka
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