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Todd Harrison

Todd Harrison

Proud father, dog cuddler; online OG; Founding Partner / CIO @CB1Cap ? ☠️

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My man Otis, er, AP @ Stifel GMP first out of the gate on @GTI_Global  noting they beat w MA / NV sidelined much of the Q. That’s impressive 💪 /position $GTBIF

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Today was the day I realized I need to have my other hip replaced. I mean, the doctor told me I would, but I didn't believe him. He was right though. fuk

listening to @GTI_Global  Q&A thinking how cool it is that Wall Street analysts are lined up to ask questions about #cannabis  US growth rates and all the new states coming online. what a time to be alive #truth . /position

Wouldn't be surprised to see US#cannabis  flag / digest these great earnings as the run-ups have already reflected what *was.* Would be healthy from a technical standpoint to work off the overbought conditions as a function of time vs. price but man is the future bright.

My nine-year old thinks it's the funniest thing in the world to sneak up on daddy during market hours / conference calls and scare the crap out of me. Almost just had a heart attack during this GTI call but her laughter is worth the risk.

It takes a Village 🍅 $VFF 2Q SALES $47.6M, EST $42M $VFF EPS 0.0 (Blutarsky), EST 0.1 /position $VFF

I'm no master of the universe, lemme tell ya. I fold laundry to pass the time and not over-trade. Is this thing on?

20 yrs I've been climbing into this weird little online world to share my stream of consciousness and tbh idk what i would do w/o it. blow up, prolly; there's an emoji for that 🤯

"The US#cannabis  opportunity is massively misunderstood; we've got a decade of 20% annual growth coming from a $15B industry going to $80B. That's going to create a lot of attention, and animal spirits are very real. " Anthony Georgiadis - CFO @GTI_Global  /position $GTBIF $GTII.c


Been trading 30 years. Seen my fair share. The blatant attempts at manipulating the stock market are beyond the pale. Not about long, short or the next 5%; it's about the devolution of capitalism and desperation of leadership. $SPX $NDX

#Cannabis testing lab CannaSafe found that out of 12 illicit cannabis vape cartridges tested, nine contained high levels of Vitamin E acetate and all contained pesticides, while none of the 104 legal products they examined had those contaminants.

I've traded plenty of crises in 30 years. Never seen anything like this. $SPX $NDX

I'm not involved $TSLA but these results seem funky and forced. And I haven't done the work so don't @ me but I can't shake the sense this'll be our generation's Enron. PS- turning off twitter and hiding from responses. PPS- #timestamp  $1700 AH

The next 10% in the stock market is: $SPX $NDX (please RT to get this poll out of my twittersphere)

Buddy of mine just pinged to say, "Bitcoin isn't the bubble; it's the pin." I'm a pensive guy but I hadn't thought of that. Interesting perspective.

Thousands died from drinking tainted liquor during prohibition. Do you know what stopped those needless deaths? That’s right: Ending prohibition. #cannabis  #vaping 

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