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Hong Kong

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Arguments of Bill Taylor’s supposed bias against Trump really fall apart when you hear just how hard he was working to save him from himself and stop him from doing the very things that could get him impeached. #ImpeachmentHearings 

What Obama said to Medvedev in 2012 had NOTHING to do with Ukraine. I was there. Did not in any way undermine Ukrainian interests.

Imagine your weather app said it was raining rockets. This is what Israeli civilians are experiencing right now: non-stop rockets launched at them by Islamic Jihad in Gaza. We will continue to operate until there are clear skies over Israel.

Looks like Nunes is going to focus entirely on a debunked conspiracy theory. Debunked by our own intelligence community. One Trump’s own administration officials have told me is nuts.

Islamic Jihad doesn't want you to see this video. But we're going to tweet it anyway.

To others listening to the hearing: If I heard correctly, Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif) just stated he does not know the identity of the alleged impeachment whistleblower. (Did I hear correctly?)

Both witnesses just confirmed they were not on the call. We have the transcript. There was no discussion of aid or conditionality on that call. Period.

Rep. @Jim_Jordan  rips @RepAdam Schiff for coordinating with the whistleblower. Schiff claims he "does not know the identity of the whistleblower."

If Trump pushed Zelensky to review ALL past corruption cases, then this line of questioning from Republican counsel would make sense. But he didn’t. He just focused on one American, who just happens to be the son of Trumps leading electoral opponent at the time.

Great deadpan from House Dems counsel Daniel Goldman: "I want to spend some time just reading the transcript, as we've been encouraged to do."