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Hong Kong

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Adam Schiff just claimed he doesn't know the whistleblower's identity. He deliberately mislead the public about his office's connection with the whistleblower and reportedly knew about the complaint before it was filed.

White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham says President Trump is not watching public impeachment hearing. She says: "He's in the Oval in meetings. Not watching. He's working." But, Pres. Trump, as I type, is retweeting videos of Republican lawmakers from the hearing.

This is the heart of the impeachment inquiry. Do Americans - D or R - accept the president extorting an ally in need for political gain? Taylor: "It's one thing to try to leverage a meeting in the WH. It's another thing to try to leverage security assistance to a country at war”

Arguments of Bill Taylor’s supposed bias against Trump really fall apart when you hear just how hard he was working to save him from himself and stop him from doing the very things that could get him impeached. #ImpeachmentHearings 

Imagine your weather app said it was raining rockets. This is what Israeli civilians are experiencing right now: non-stop rockets launched at them by Islamic Jihad in Gaza. We will continue to operate until there are clear skies over Israel.

BIG George Kent: "I do not believe the United States should ask other countries to engage in selective, politically associated investigations or prosecutions against opponents of those in power, because such selective actions undermine the rule of law regardless of the country."

Islamic Jihad doesn't want you to see this video. But we're going to tweet it anyway.

Looks like Nunes is going to focus entirely on a debunked conspiracy theory. Debunked by our own intelligence community. One Trump’s own administration officials have told me is nuts.

Both witnesses just confirmed they were not on the call. We have the transcript. There was no discussion of aid or conditionality on that call. Period.

Great deadpan from House Dems counsel Daniel Goldman: "I want to spend some time just reading the transcript, as we've been encouraged to do."