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Richard Brody

I am the movies editor for Goings On About Town and the author of “Everything Is Cinema: The Working Life of Jean-Luc Godard.”

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Droll screenshot from The Happy Ending, an exquisite-looking movie that I watched wanting to screenshot through:

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Funny little thing about Samuel Fuller's Park Row@tcm  3:15 a.m., which involves Steve Brodie's (claimed) leap, in 1886, from the Brooklyn Bridge—a bit of New York lore still so prominent in my childhood that adults, hearing my name, would often jokingly make the association.

For the day after Mahler's 160th birthday, a favorite performance: Hermann Scherchen's jaggedly modernistic 1950 live recording of the 9th:

Delighted that Tito, Grace Glowicki's tour de force of performance and anxiety, is coming this Friday via @factory_25  to virtual cinemas (including @MovingImageNYC  )

The premise of The Old Guard (coming tomorrow to Netflix) is so clever, its implications so substantial, and its emotional core so strong, that the film's blandly conventional script and format are all the more disheartening:

Impatient to see Jean-Pascal Zadi's Tout Simplement Noir; terrific piece by @didierperon  @juliengester  @SandraOnana  amazing backstory: he self-produced "two features distributed on DVD, the excellent African Gangster and Sans pudeur ni morale in 2010-11"

It Happened Again: put on a disk of Brahms' second piano concerto and heard, in my head, Why Didn't George Go Fishing?

D. A. Pennebaker's Original Cast Album: Company, at long last readily available (on @criterionchannl  ), features one of the greatest performances ever filmed, in what's also a thrilling display of documentary direction:


Nothing but contempt for @nytimes  serving as a mouthpiece for tyranny. Some ideas are moral enormities, outside the bounds of reason, even if spewed by an elected official; big difference between reporting on the fact that someone says it and giving that person a platform.

Last time the Cubs won the Series, the principal conductor of the Metropolitan Opera was Gustav Mahler.

I liked the intercutting of the clips for Supporting Actor; though some Academy members reportedly found the timeline hard to follow.

A director drinking until tomorrow morning after winning some awards is the next Hong Sang-soo movie.

Nothing but contempt for the Mr. Potters who are shutting down FilmStruck. Also, never trust streaming: own or lose.

"Today people say 'an old movie,' they don't say 'an old book.' If you say 'an old book,' it means a book that's in bad condition, but Don Quixote isn't an old book, not even an old novel."—Godard & Miéville, 2x50 Years of French Cinema.

The Burial of Kojo, Blitz Bazawule's distinctive and exemplary lyrical vision of a family in Ghana, comes to this Sunday (thanks to whose company Array is distributing it):

Says the man who ran on a ticket with a reality-TV celebrity.

The release of Tenet should be rescheduled for October 10th—reading ten/ten both forward and backward.