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My new learning playlist on the @OReillyMedia  platform about agile software development for government includes @Kipthinks’ wonderful talk about how the city of San Jose used agile techniques to create a #covid19  action plan

I just published a piece about scenario planning and the post-coved future. “By separating the receptive imagination from the quest for certainty, it is possible to prepare for a wide variety of unknown futures…"

"to imagine how you might respond, and to make plans that hold up across a range of possible outcomes. So, while you may hope for a return to normal, and plan for that as one of your scenarios…"

"it is worth taking the time to think through what you might do were the world we knew to be swept away as surely as 19th century certainties were swept away by the events of the early 20th century.” For more, read the whole piece here:

Super impressive achievement by @Hacker0x01  - it demonstrates that the death of collective intelligence has been overrated. The internet still enables amazing feats of distributed collaboration!

I often refer to @georgesoros ’ idea of reflexivity, which I learned about from his books. But I just discovered this wonderful summary essay he wrote for the @FT 

A fascinating quantitative look at how chloroquine prescriptions peaked and then tailed off. So much data, so little time ;-)

@paulg  @ShriramKMurthiI 'd say "I created this platform to bring people together, and you aren't doing this. Clean up your act, or you aren't welcome. " I'm glad to see @jackstarting  to do this. I get that it may be a dangerous thing for a company to stand up, but that's what courage is for.

This is a powerful, powerful piece that I hope all of my philanthropically-minded friends will read.

Is this an isolated case? Or is trolling and disinformation working to disrupt the scientific process more broadly? This would be a terrifying new front in the war on truth. Fortunately, peer review still appears to be working.


If you like Trump as a disruptor of the status quo, so did @mcuban  until he spent time talking with him

If you need a dose of optimism, take a look at these statistics. What amazing progress we have made as a species! Let's not blow it now

OH: "We can't entirely eliminate our technical debt. My goal is to refinance it at a lower interest rate." ?

People should be paying a lot more attention to in this presidential race. He's thoughtful and real, no posturing, with policy positions developed by observing the needs of real people. #SXSW 

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Incredibly insightful and important, and puts its finger on my worry that we are all playing into Trump's game

Wow - I am SO glad I don’t use Apple Music This is insane, and a sad commentary on the “lock in” cloud future

“When rich people do it, we call it the sharing economy. When poor people do it, we call it the black market.” - @JBradley_DC  #WTFeconomy 

When you read this story about how New Orleans reduced homelessness by 90%, you realize that the answer is not rocket science: Get people into housing, then work on their other issues after that.

There are so many inventions hiding in plain sight when you try to serve customer needs rather than corporate needs…

Seems to me that Kickstarter is the most important tech company since Facebook. Maybe more important in the long run.