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State Department cites 38 people for violations in years-long review of Clinton emails

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#Israel will send a delegation to attend a maritime security conference in #Bahrain  on Sunday that will focus on combating #Iranian  threats to naval security in the Persian Gulf,, Channel 13 reported on Saturday.

Cook Islands: manager of world's biggest marine park says she lost job for backing sea mining moratorium

After a nationwide search, the White House has chosen a resort that the president owns to host the G7 summit.

No 'Joker': Bronx 'step street' becomes New York hot spot thanks to hit movie

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"In a sense, I feel like I've been to the mountaintop." Rep. Elijah Cummings, who passed away Thursday at age 68, told Steve Kroft in January how he felt about his work in Congress

"In the end, we must come together to defeat Donald Trump. We should do so knowing he is a symptom of a larger problem - and our greatest hope is a multiracial, working class movement in the United States of America."

Dead tree stumps scattered across Rome are being given a new life – and a face too. A 22-year-old sculptor is carving them, turning them into a tourist attraction

Nearly breaking the sound barrier is not that hard on the body, but when someone says "Pulling a G," put a refrigerator on your chest while a car rams into the appliance.