Kevin Mccarthy / Monday / Rep Adam Schiff / House Intelligence Committee / Ukraine

Rep. Kevin McCarthy just confirmed that there will be a vote on Monday to censure Rep. Adam Schiff, the head of the House Intelligence Committee, over his treatment of the Ukraine call controversy

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Kevin Mccarthy / Monday / Rep Adam Schiff / House Intelligence Committee / Ukraine

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@MattyPGood  @uspiegellMe , watching Forrest Gump as a kid: OMG these filmmakers as actually think America would send mentally handicapped people to fight in a war, and they think that would be beautiful and patriotic Me as an adult, reading online about Project 100,000: oh fuck

2/ Wait, it gets better. For preparing, but not signing the 10-K, Borkowski gets, make sure you're sitting down, $3.95MM. For context, he took the job for a $500K annual salary and 60% target bonus. In his best year, Petit as CEO took home $900K cash comp and $3MM total comp

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liquidation of all btps is a start. fottetevi

Why is it “radical” when Labour proposes nationalizing basic utilities but not when conservatives privatize them? We’re drowning in crackpot half-thinking and that’s a prime example.

The truly “radical” agenda was the one that American and British conservatives enacted, of ubiquitous privatization and extreme austerity, which destroyed both societies’ prosperity in record time.

3/ This is the "bag man for the CIA" model of compensation. As in, please go to Panama and clean up the mess down there, and we will wire the money to your numbered account in Switzerland. Where in God's name is the SEC?

Wow! New massive 1.6 million square feet biotech complex coming to San Carlos! )

The most successful societies in the world don’t have privatized basic utilities. They have publicly owned ones. The idea that it’s “radical” to nationalize utilities is only really a sign how poor the analytical skills of our commenting class are