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Grounded: After Pelosi asked Trump to push back the State of the Union, the president cancelled her trip to the Middle East
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DEVELOPING: At least 1 person is dead and at least a dozen are injured after Venezuelan soldiers opened fire on civilians at the southern border with Brazil over humanitarian aid delivery, The Washington Post reports
Allegedly is used in one case, not the other.
.@MariaCorinaYA on #Venezuela: “If [#Maduro] blocks the aid as you have mentioned, or he dares to attack innocent people wanting to bring aid to Venezuela, we will certainly advance to a higher level of the struggle.” #TrishRegan
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Highest reentry heating to date. Burning metal sparks from base heat shield visible in landing video. Fourth relight scheduled for April.
Here’s why we MUST care about what’s going in #Venezuela. Socialist Dictator Nicolas Maduro is forging ties with #Hezbollah – we can’t allow TERRORISTS in our backyard. #TrishRegan
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JUST IN: New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft has been charged with soliciting prostitution, AP reports, citing Florida authorities
JUST IN: New York state prosecutors have put together a criminal case against Paul Manafort that they could file quickly if the former chairman of Trump’s 2016 campaign receives a presidential pardon, sources say
This high-tech home for stray cats in China uses AI to keep the dogs out

Cats - 1, Dogs - 0
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World population: 5.3 billion
People in extreme poverty: 1.9 billion

World population: 7.6 billion
People in extreme poverty: 0.7 billion.
WASHINGTON, Feb 22 (Reuters) - U.S. Department of Agriculture has paid out $7.7 billion so far to farmers, William Northey, Undersecretary for Farm Production and Conservation, said on Friday, in aid designed to offset the negative impact of tariff imposition.

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The Moneyist: My husband asked me to sign a joint tax return without telling me he owes back taxes: ‘Without my knowledge, my husband allowed the IRS as well as the state of New Jersey to put liens on our home.’ MARKETWATCH
Read @Nataliekitro on Sara Nelson, the head of the union for flight attendants & quite possibly the future leader of the American labor movement. "Her chosen profession, after all, has been a master class in getting disorderly people to do what she wants."
Fariba is a designer-maker and refugee. She is now on the road to starting her own business, after taking part in the Back My Business program, a #Citi Foundation partnership with @IRCuk. Read her story: #Pathways2Progress
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