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The future is truly here. Boston University scientists have designed condoms that lubricate themselves
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⚡️ Stiffening competition, surging online advertising costs and cheap mall space have prompted @WarbyParker, @Bonobos, @Casper and others to rethink what they call "offline" in a big way

Trump is pulling out of a nuclear weapons pact with Russia, saying the Kremlin has "been violating it for many years"
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Tired of the back-and-forth smartphone wars? Build your own @makerbuino Makerphone in just 7 hours
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Hurricane Willa, a "potentially catastrophic" Category 5 storm, could hit Mexico's coast as early as Tuesday afternoon (radar via @NOAASatellites)
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The Titanic II is casting off from Dubai to New York. Would you get aboard?
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Ahead of Monday's rally in Houston, these are some of the words Trump has used to describe Texas Senator Ted Cruz and his family
LIVE: Amid Brexit concerns, Theresa May makes a statement on last week's European Council meeting #tictocnews https://t.co/PBmUT5rgSD
Apparently, robots can do parkour now. Thanks @BostonDynamics
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⚡️ Elon Musk: The Boring Company's 1st tunnel under LA is "almost done"

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