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The EPA wants to roll back rules that protect wetlands and streams
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These "electric" bandages heal wounds quicker than your average dressing
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WATCH: Giuliani says "over my dead body" will Trump meet with Mueller
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This drone startup is replanting trees lost to the California wildfires
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As streaming giants like Netflix and Amazon grow in popularity, the price to produce the content on them is also growing
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Hungary's leader is facing protest by thousands of people because of these new laws:

-Increasing the maximum overtime people can work
-Creating a top court under government oversight
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⚡️ Students get more sleep and higher grades by starting school later, a study says 📚💯

This is the moment officials found 13 pounds of plastic waste in a dead sperm whale's stomach in Indonesia.

What they found is shocking.
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Europe’s retail apocalypse is spreading to e-commerce. ASOS share price plunged the most in 4.5 years
⚡️ It's the time of the year when runners worldwide dress up as Santa

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