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Latest Scoops

El Salvador’s presidential office tweeted that the country was breaking ties with Taiwan and establishing them with China, the third country to cut ties with Taiwan this yeahttps://t.co/gbZuwydGAZr
Burkina Faso and the Dominican Republic switched recognition from Taipei to the government in Beijing earlier this yeahttps://t.co/8t1vwOhYo0r
THREAD⬇️: Taiwan and El Salvador have cut ties, leaving Taiwan with just 17 diplomatic partners https://t.co/gbZuwydGAZ
Apple is working on a cheaper MacBook and an upgrade to the Mac mini https://t.co/2GCjb7FNbQ #tictocnews
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Global electric car sales in the second quarter have risen 77% from 2017 #tictocnews
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Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro devalued the bolivar by 95% in a move that may test his grip on power
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Meet Pallonji Mistry, the Indian billionaire who can't spend his own fortune https://t.co/tJak20LHe2
WATCH: @emilychangtv breaks down today's hottest tech headlines #tictocnews
- Apple plans revamped low-cost Macs
- Winklevoss launch effort to police Bitcoin
- Nvidia designing new graphics gaming chip
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Ukrainian veterans are back on the frontline. And this time, they're armed with pizzas #tictocnews
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"It's important that we put our differences behind us," says PM Malcolm Turnbull, after narrowly defeating Peter Dutton in a leadership vote for Australia's Liberal Party #AusPol https://t.co/YokAUZnH3L #tictocnews
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