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@ONE_Fr  @JenniferJJacobs  "We are determined to act and tell them that they are not going in a good direction with climate... " Here's why protesters have gathered in Biarritz to march against the #G7Summithttps ://t.co/ta32ThZ74W

Trump and Macron kicked off their #G7Summit  with a bilateral meeting where they vowed to discuss "a lot of crises"

@ONE_Fr  @JenniferJJacobsTrump  just tweeted about his bilateral lunch meeting with Emmanuel Macron, but mentioned the parody account @EmanuelMacronehttps ://t.co/2PRIGgfCFI

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500,000,000 bees have dropped dead in Brazil so far this year

@ONE_Fr  @JenniferJJacobsSeventeen  people were arrested in Urrugne during clashes between #G7Summitprotesters  and police #G7Biarritzhttps ://t.co/GPKlKVk039

Pepe the frog, a symbol of hate to many in western countries, is now resurrected as the poster boy for the #HongKongProtests  #香港

@ONE_Fr  @JenniferJJacobsMacron  has called for #G7Summittalks  on Brazil's , #AmazonFires  but is he right to do so? We put the question to people at the counter-summit in Hendaye and their reactions were mixed

Rome will give you free subway commuter credits every time you recycles

Police deploy tear gas and pepper spray towards #antiELAB  protesters in Hong Kong after violence broke out


K-pop diplomacy: @weareoneEXO  gifted Trump and his daughter Ivanka their signed albums before a dinner banquet in Seoul#EXO 

#BTS in numbers: -Surpassed 10 million album sales in Korea -Their movie "Burn the Stage" gets 1.96 million viewers worldwide Here's what you need to know about the band that's taking the world by storm _10Mill#방탄소년단 #BTS_10MillionAlbumSalesonAlbumSales 

SOUND ON: This might be the only known recording of Frida Kahlo’s voice. Mexican officials believe the recording could have been made as she read an essay about her husband, Diego Rivera

A young sperm whale was found dead with a stomach full of plastic in Cefalu, Italy. Here's the moment scientists @unimessina  opened it up

#ChristchurchMosqueAttack  : "I'm 66 and I never thought in my life I would live to see something like this, " says an eyewitness who helped an injured man call his wife on the phone during New Zealand's #ChristchurchShootings 

🎶🎤 #BTS  will appear at this year's #GRAMMYs , Variety reports. Here's what to know about , which is taking the world by storm xGrammy#방탄소년단s #BTSxGrammys 

A huge hailstorm buried the streets of Guadalajara, Mexico, days after the city basked in 31°C (88°F) weather. “Then we ask ourselves if climate change is real," said state governor Enrique Alfaro