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“The first thing we were all told when coronavirus hit was 'stay home.' If you have no home, we’re saying you can’t be healthy.” This tent community — setup in a parking lot amid record high temperatures in Arizona — is meant to slow the spread of #Covid19  among the homeless

"I can't breathe." New body camera footage released Monday shows George Floyd telling Minneapolis officers he couldn't breathe more than 20 times during his arrest #GeorgeFloydBodyCam 

“She said horrible things about him.” Trump says he was "very surprised" at Joe Biden’s VP pick, Kamala Harris

"My father was kidnapped." Hundreds of relatives gathered outside a Minsk detention center, demanding information on loved ones who were arrested in protests following the Belarusian election

27 companies say they plan to hire 100,000 “traditionally underserved” New York residents within the next decade

Luxury menswear brand @Zegna  is adapting to the #Covid19  digital world by letting customers try on their clothes virtually via Zoom. Watch as @luxury 's own @Rovzar  goes suit shopping from the comfort of his Brooklyn apartment

To get schools ready to potentially reopen, schools need staff and money. As schools around the world begin to reopen, we want to hear what it's been like for you. Complete our quick survey and we'll include your submission in an upcoming video:

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Sen. Kamala Harris makes history as the first Black and Asian-American woman on a major presidential ticket. Here are 6 things you need to know about Joe Biden's VP pick @KamalaHarris . Read more in @business : #BidenVP  #BidenHarris2020 


WATCH: This Lebanese wedding photographer captured a bride and groom getting married just as a massive explosion rocked #Beirut . The couple were unharmed in the blast and took refuge in a house before continuing their ceremony

“Today I am instructing my administration to halt funding of the World Health Organization,” says President Trump in today’s #pressbriefing 

U.S. researchers began the first human trial of a #coronavirus  vaccine More via @business :

#BTS in numbers: -Surpassed 10 million album sales in Korea -Their movie "Burn the Stage" gets 1.96 million viewers worldwide Here's what you need to know about the band that's taking the world by storm _10Mill#방탄소년단 #BTS_10MillionAlbumSalesonAlbumSales 

Wearing a face mask does help if you do it properly. Seto Wing Hong of Hong Kong University demonstrates the correct way to wear a face mask #coronavirus 

Young people are falling seriously ill from #COVID19 . New evidence from the U.S. and Europe suggests they aren’t as impervious to the #coronavirus  as originally thought. More @business : #CoronavirusOutbreak 

SOUND ON: This might be the only known recording of Frida Kahlo’s voice. Mexican officials believe the recording could have been made as she read an essay about her husband, Diego Rivera

A fireman in Australia gives a thirsty koala water as #NSWRFS  official @robrfs  warns of "serious ecological impacts" from the #AustraliaFires  #NSWFires