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Hong Kong's Joshua Wong urged supporters to “hang on” after he was sentenced to 13.5 months in jail for leading a protest outside police headquarters in 2019. Activists Agnes Chow and Ivan Lam also pleaded guilty over their roles in the protests

“By the end of this month we’re expecting shipment of about 40 million doses, sufficient for about 20 million people.” @JohnsHopkins ' Dr. Gabor Kelen discusses the #coronavirus  vaccine and the high-priority groups that will get access quickly in the U.S.

"One of the biggest benefits has been the kind of pool that it’s opened up for my hiring." Teena Likhari is among women benefiting from India’s new rules that allow those in tech to #WFH  after #Covid19 . @RumiMori26  and @SarithaRaidiscuss . Full segment:

😷 “Every nurse here is working a minimum of four 12-hour shifts.” @ScotlandCoHosp , a 25-bed hospital in rural northeastern Missouri, is grappling with a staffing shortage as #Covid19  cases rise

🗻 Nepal's Mount Everest is welcoming climbers to restart its economy after a 7-month #Covid19  lockdown. Will they come back?

🔋 “Battery swapping is indeed much faster than charging, almost like adding oil.” Charging an electric vehicle can take hours but China's NIO is cutting it down to minutes with battery swapping technology. More:

Delighted to announce that Bloomberg will be among the world’s top media institutions attending Web Summit from December 2-4, 2020. We look forward to hearing and sharing ideas from around the globe as we join more than 2,500 journalists #websummit2020  #websummit  @WebSummit 

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"It is not the end of our national struggle against coronavirus." The U.K. became the first western country to approve a #Covid19  vaccine, but Prime Minister Boris Johnson said people needed to continue following the rules to curb the spread of the virus


Anti-government protesters occupy the Democracy Monument in Bangkok. They’re calling for the resignation of Thailand's PM Prayuth Chan-Ocha and monarchy reform #14 ตุลา63 #WhatHappeningInThailand 

“They think because I’m Black, that I have to vote Democrat.” In 2016, Trump won 8% of Black voters and 28% of Hispanic voters. This year, the Trump campaign is betting that he can gain even more traction

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: K-pop group @BLACKPINK  is the biggest pop band in the world, according to Bloomberg’s Pop Star Power Rankings. We asked them about Covid-19, singing in Korean vs English, and dream collaborations #블랙핑크 @ygofficialblink 

#BTS in numbers: -Surpassed 10 million album sales in Korea -Their movie "Burn the Stage" gets 1.96 million viewers worldwide Here's what you need to know about the band that's taking the world by storm _10Mill#방탄소년단 #BTS_10MillionAlbumSalesonAlbumSales 

U.S. researchers began the first human trial of a #coronavirus  vaccine More via @business :

WATCH: This Lebanese wedding photographer captured a bride and groom getting married just as a massive explosion rocked #Beirut . The couple were unharmed in the blast and took refuge in a house before continuing their ceremony

Wearing a face mask does help if you do it properly. Seto Wing Hong of Hong Kong University demonstrates the correct way to wear a face mask #coronavirus 

Young people are falling seriously ill from #COVID19 . New evidence from the U.S. and Europe suggests they aren’t as impervious to the #coronavirus  as originally thought. More @business : #CoronavirusOutbreak