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Correct also it was backed out quickly this hasn't been at all

"This shouldn't BE a conversation -- because what's being discussed shouldn't be something the authorities can do,.... Further, these devices are designed, intentionally, to make that not possible." $AAPL $GOOG

And? I thought it was globull WARMING not Global blizzard

@denniskneale  @MikeBloombergI  would LOVE to see regulatory changes that blow up his cash flow at the same time he blows all that money -- and loses.


Destroy Twatter $twtr for its BLATANTLY biased censorship

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The Rule of Law is dead. Federal law enforcement -- all 35,000 FBI employees -- have confirmed it to be so through both action and inaction.

Don't forgot Cumming's WIFE and the apparent self-dealing going on there too!

Boycott $EXPE - Expedia CREATED A BOARD SEAT for Chelsea Clinton - talk about CRONY BeeEss! ZERO THAT RAT COMPANY!

It would really be a shame if I did a podcast on that tomorrow 😋

So instead of reporting these alleged gang rapes that I witnessed boys standing in line for I went to 10 (or more)! additional parties where they were taking place until it was my turn to be victimized. (Does anyone actually believe that crap?)

@JamesOKeefeIII  Thats ok the American people don't forget either and it would be roughly 330 million to one Mr. Lamb. How do you like those odds?

Those who invade a nation by force -- and yes, rocks count -- must be treated as the invaders they are. Repel them with all necessary force. Period.

@CNBC  STOP LYING. A pair of "canvas shoes" that sells for $50 and has a 10% tariff will not go to $59. Why? Because the tariff isn't on the RETAIL price, it's on the price AT THE MANUFACTURER. Typical retail markup is 200-300%. In short, tariff will be ABOUT $1 in price

John is already there so there's that.