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Baja 1000 competitors range from professional drivers to everyday amateurs, but the risks are massive for both

Details of how the grand jury didn't indict any officers for Breonna Taylor's death are being made public after a juror broke ranks and attacked the Kentucky AG

8 movies leaving Netflix you have to see before September ends

Honey is one of the most faked foods in the world, and the US government isn't doing much to fix it

Oklahoma man accused of killing baby made violent, anti-pedophilia posts endorsing the QAnon-affiliated#SaveOurChildren  movement

Police stormed into a Black 17-year-old's dorm room in the middle of the night after receiving a false report

A man exposed himself during middle school 'Zoom-bombing,' according to an Oregon school district

QAnon followers champion Trump as a savior for trafficked children, but federal prosecutions have dropped by a third over the past 2 years

Police are investigating a shooting at YouTuber Boogie2988's home after he said he was being stalked by a banned YouTube personality

Where would the @WalkingDead_AMC  cast and crew go if a real zombie apocalypse happened? @ScottMGimple , @angelakang , @wwwbigbaldhead , @RamboDonkeyKong , @PaolaLazaro21  and more cast tell us what they would do and if they'd survive #TWDFamily 


Here's how Pixar revolutionized digital animation ?

How the monsters in "Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark" were made

This water park was designed with special-needs kids in mind ?

That isn't red sand, it's millions of baby crabs. ?

@michaelb4jordan  was covered in around 3,000 prosthetic dots for "Black Panther" ?

We got our earwax professionally extracted ?

This artist is always pushing his boundaries.