We're grateful to the editors and journalists who poured their hearts into @thinkprogress  , exposing companies supporting the NRA, uncovering sexual abuse, tracking the financing of white nationalism, and so much more. That work will remain archived:

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How a Government Innovation Office Aims to Modernize Its Services @njgov 

Even if it ends soon, Afghanistan will still be the United States’ longest war. Americans can best learn its lessons by studying the missed opportunities that kept the United States from making progress, Carter Malkasian writes.

Berkeley bans the installation of gas stoves in new buildings, attempting to "tackle climate change every way that we can." The move was clearly symbolic, "designed to make people feel good rather than do good." @user 

Donald Trump’s entire primary campaign in 2016 was an open assault on the Republican establishment, and they basically all fell in line the second he won the nomination. Is there a reason to think the same thing won’t happen with Sanders and Dems? (Genuinely asking.)

Knife crime ruins lives and devastates communities. The City Hall-funded@metpoliceuk  Violent Crime Taskforce works tirelessly to tackle violent crime & keep us safe by patrolling hotspots & removing weapons from our streets.

As President Trump & the GOP continue to attack access to affordable, quality health care, more and more children are becoming uninsured—impacting their lifelong health. Congress needs to make health care more affordable, not further out of reach.

Check for #mold  growth in your home or business after a flood. Put on personal protective gear, including waterproof boots, gloves, goggles, & a N95 respirator, before entering a home with mold. Learn more: #PrepYourHealth 

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Tech expert reveals nine ways to make your work-life better

MSNBC's Jason Johnson faces backlash after calling Sanders aides "island of misfit black girls"

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