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Latest Scoops

Sir David Attenborough helped to persuade the government to introduce a tax on single-use plastic packaging
"This was a desperate wail by the small beasts of the Labour back benches, miserable at the takeover of their party by the far left ", writes @patrick_kidd
Over the next days and week the group will make decisions about leadership — a collaborative structure without a traditional leader has not been ruled out — and the infrastructure required to become a formal party
"It is good to be reminded in these dark times that the truth can change the course of politics ", says @PCollinsTimes
"Labour is supposed to be the party of equality, fairness and human rights yet one of its most high-profile Jewish women has been hounded out by racists and the leader and his supporters do not care " writes @RSylvesterTimes
Tom Watson has warned Jeremy Corbyn that more Labour MPs will follow the seven who resigned today unless he brings the party back into the mainstream
The motivation behind the departures can be broadly split into three areas: the ideological, the personal and the practical.
She said she had not developed a bump or experienced morning sickness and had not missed a period.

Her unborn baby was hidden in one of two uteruses in a condition called uterus didelphys believed to affect one in 3,000 women
Meet the four-year-old growing up in Tehran, where her mother Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe has been jailed for nearly three years
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"For its noble causes to prosper — and to gain a sought-after place on the UN security council — Canada may need to be a bit less Canadian", writes @edwardlucas

The Most Relevant

Chinese scientists have created healthy baby mice with two mothers and no father, pushing back the barriers to same-sex reproduction in humans
An African refugee has drowned in Venice as tourists filmed on their phones, laughed and made racist remarks
A litter of piglets rescued from a barn fire have been served up as sausages to the firefighters who saved them
Cheetahs are on brink of extinction as a result of poaching and the trade in exotic pets
Forget knives, is chopping your food with your teeth the future of food prep?
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Shamima Begum, one of three pupils from Bethnal Green who ran away from London aged 15 to join Islamic State in Syria, has been found by The Times in a refugee camp after escaping the jihadists’ final showdown.
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Brazil’s far right president-elect, Jair Bolsonaro, has offered a job in his new government to the anti-corruption judge, whose investigation led to the imprisonment of his political rival
The far-right is capitalising on the secessionist backlash in a nation that never fully came to terms with democracy and the loss of empire, says John Carlin
Exclusive: Umpires are considering refusing to officiate matches involving Serena Williams over her behaviour at the US Open final
“I am not a fugitive. I am not living a clandestine life. I am a president. I have to meet people, act. Not live in the dark.”
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