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"I was already doing stand-up and writing comedy, that was always my game plan. It was turbocharged I think by meeting Ricky. But I like to think I would have got there by hook or by crook," says @StephenMerchant .

Facebook has failed to remove hate groups and far-right usernames that are on its own banned list, an investigation has found

New technology to transfer long-distance lorries from motorways to railways is set to free up congested road networks

Fahima was raped by her Taliban husband before fleeing with her children in 2002. Now they’re back in power she has lost her livelihood and is desperate for asylum

“We're often told that we need to toughen up or to learn to take a joke. But this stuff wasn’t ever funny, was it? Words matter. Many of us are still trying to diet and exercise past the shame of our teenage labels decades later.” | ✍️ @CharlieGowans 

The prime minister of Turkish-controlled northern Cyprus is under pressure to resign after a video emerged of him masturbating while speaking to a scantily clad woman on the video app FaceTime

Germany is facing a paper shortage so acute that one of the country’s largest publishers has warned Christmas shoppers to buy books now in case they run out

Young people duped into letting fraudsters transfer cash through their accounts face being convicted as money launderers

Woods are being threatened with foreign diseases by a huge increase in cheap imported trees, according to the Woodland Trust

Prue Leith has said that opponents of legalising assisted dying are scaremongering, despite her Tory MP son being a leading critic of a bill on the issue


The Japanese government has privately concluded that the Tokyo Olympics will have to be cancelled because of the coronavirus, and the focus is now on securing the Games for the city in the next available year, 2032

Hannah Pick-Goslar was childhood friends with Anne Frank in Amsterdam until the Frank family went into hiding in 1942. Now aged 92, she recalls their close bond and the moment when the two girls met one last time in Bergen-Belsen.

India’s vaccines supremo hints that he may start producing in Britain and tells Martin Fletcher about threatening calls from the rich and powerful

The head of the government’s vaccine taskforce has failed to publicly declare that she manages private investments in two companies involved in the race to develop coronavirus drugs

Boris Johnson is to announce the return of imperial weights and measures, making it legal for market stalls, shops and supermarkets to sell their goods using only Britain’s traditional weighing system post-Brexit

Forget knives, is chopping your food with your teeth the future of food prep?

Singers @NiallOfficial  and @Louis_ Tomlinson performed online concerts in lockdown to raise money for those worst affected by lockdown. Horan raised £1.9 million for music crew furloughed, while Tomlinson raised £2 million the following month for pandemic causes.

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Chinese scientists have created healthy baby mice with two mothers and no father, pushing back the barriers to same-sex reproduction in humans

So fast is the rush to sell and flee amid Afghanistan's diminishing economy that Jada-e Maiwand, a bazaar, has spilt from its usual confines onto the banks of Kabul's River This is where @A_Loyd_Times  found a father trying to sell his 4-year-old daughter

Priti Patel said she “cannot wait” to travel on the new British passport. They will be made by a Franco/Dutch company at a factory in Poland, under EU procurement rules