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More pregnant migrants and disabled people are making the dangerous trip across the Channel in small boats, the French authorities said yesterday

Up to 35,000 Afghan interpreters and other assistants of US forces are to be housed in two American bases in Kuwait and Qatar along with family members while their asylum applications are processed.

Huge upgrades to the transport system such as HS2 are being threatened by delays and mounting costs, according to a government audit

This week should have been Boris Johnson's moment of triumph — instead his hopes were laid low by the pandemic

Train drivers, lorry drivers, police officers and border officials will be exempt from quarantine as criticism grows over the chaos caused by the “pingdemic”

Huge upgrades to the transport system such as HS2 are being threatened by delays and mounting costs, according to a government audit

Saudi Arabia has declared its pilgrimage season this year a success, saying not one of 60,000 people allowed to take part tested positive for the virus

Demis Hassabis stunned the world of science this week when he and his research team opened a window into how life works

Is this the right time — as Britain emerges from the pandemic — to be focused on climate change? The PM’s former spokeswoman, now public face of the Cop 26 climate change summit, says that tackling climate change will lead to green jobs and growth


The Japanese government has privately concluded that the Tokyo Olympics will have to be cancelled because of the coronavirus, and the focus is now on securing the Games for the city in the next available year, 2032

India’s vaccines supremo hints that he may start producing in Britain and tells Martin Fletcher about threatening calls from the rich and powerful

Singers @NiallOfficial  and @Louis_ Tomlinson performed online concerts in lockdown to raise money for those worst affected by lockdown. Horan raised £1.9 million for music crew furloughed, while Tomlinson raised £2 million the following month for pandemic causes.

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The head of the government’s vaccine taskforce has failed to publicly declare that she manages private investments in two companies involved in the race to develop coronavirus drugs

Businesses can sack Muslim women wearing the hijab headscarf if they work face-to-face with customers or if the wearing of the religious clothing causes workplace conflicts, the EU’s highest court has ruled

Chinese scientists have created healthy baby mice with two mothers and no father, pushing back the barriers to same-sex reproduction in humans

Scientists, politicians, academics and advisers reveal the inside story of ministers’ desperate battle with the virus before the country finally locked down.

Priti Patel said she “cannot wait” to travel on the new British passport. They will be made by a Franco/Dutch company at a factory in Poland, under EU procurement rules

Ten years ago this summer Tyler James returned to the Camden Square house he shared with Amy Winehouse, his best friend and housemate of nearly a decade, to find an ambulance parked outside Upstairs, she was dead in her bedroom

“It’s all the real thing,” Tom Cruise insists, looking into the camera. Except the viral TikTok videos of him are not real: they’re “deepfakes”. But what is a “deepfake”, and why are they so worrying?