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Latest Scoops

Now we have a 6-pack. New Lowes Foods adds another grocer to Forest Drive https://t.co/vaM6uEz8Qf
He lied to get a job to escape drug dealers, he said. That was also a lie, SC prosecutor says https://t.co/AR0pRo2dsC
Popular online retailer opening shop on Devine Street https://t.co/OjsbSASiSQ
PSC asks judge to refuse to block SCE&G’s rate cut https://t.co/HQGBoCqg5g
One of Lexington’s fast food restaurants has closed https://t.co/0Z0wml0gpW
Quit leaving food outside! Black bears are more active right now, and this is why https://t.co/YAOZGveIRo
She hit a car head-on, killing a Lexington man, cops say. Now she’s charged with DUI https://t.co/Bzwbs8v8pr
Columbia man used Facebook, cell phone to get young teens to trade sex for meth https://t.co/JvZoBrqCll
Alcohol sales at Williams-Brice Stadium? USC vendor applies for license to allow them https://t.co/BKL5HtLdhH
He was swimming during a family picnic at SC lake. Now divers are searching for him https://t.co/fQEB7FNicQ
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