Trump not gone open the US up till next year so enjoy staring at the walls sucking on a roach blunt & fighting witcha spouse

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Nearly Three Dozen Subpoenas Approved for Obama Administration Officials

The Spirit loves us and knows everyone’s place: for Him, we are not bits of confetti blown about by the wind, but irreplaceable fragments in His mosaic.

BOOM! Record 2.5 Million Jobs Added in May, Trump Signs Bill to Ease PPP Restrictions

The NHS not consulted on major changes. That is why nothing works for this Govt... I’ll informed dictation versus informed collaboration.

On 'Nothing To Declare' they've just stopped a man with $25,000 worth of Botox in his bag. He didn't look surprised.

When people defend police terror against protestors it’s like blaming a rape victim for what she was wearing. Nope.

It’s important not to loose sight of WHY this is all happening. Black Americans have endured systemic racism for far too long. The system is rigged. Whites need to recognize this w humility and grace and begin to LISTEN w empathy. We must fix it! #antiracism  #BlackLivesMatter 

And one more time for those of you who can’t seem to understand: protestors and looters are two separate groups! Come on. One is a right. One is a crime.

That’s my primary source of income and my first love. I also have opinions about the world and about human rights. I also have a charitable foundation aimed at supporting the Queer community. I also have dear friends who have been oppressed and terrorized. What are you good at?

Loved this . congrats @vinod_rawat  and Ram Madhavani on this . Looks really good ! 👍