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Fire services around the country are telling us that 23 million hectares were ravaged by fire, that’s a considerable increase on the 17million hectares reported previously & highlights the massive task ahead of those trying to restore our native bushland & wildlife. #TheProjectTV 

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Adam Schlesinger Dies of Coronavirus Complications at 52

For me, this chart is the most alarming of the latest batch. US & UK daily death tolls are accelerating in a straight line on a log scale chart, i.e still increasing exponentially. ~All other countries had begun slowing the rate of increase in deaths by now.

NEW: CA has 8,155 confirmed positive cases of #COVID19 . 1,855 of those who have tested positive are in our hospitals. 774 of those patients are in the ICU. This disease can impact anyone. Take this seriously. #StayHomeSaveLives 

Opinion: We must hold politicians responsible for deaths they could have prevented

Now onto *daily new deaths*: • Daily death tolls flattening in Italy & Spain: each new day brings fewer deaths • But in UK & US the death toll is accelerating. More dead every day than the last, and rate of increase also rising Live charts:

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Trump administration ignored pandemic warning from White House economists: report

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I’m going to REPEAT. REPEAT. REPEAT. The most important thing we can do is STAY HOME and practice physical distancing. That’s how we flatten the curve.

President Trump says the coming days of the coronavirus epidemic "are going to be horrific"

California Gov. Gavin Newsom's message to states that have not issued stay-at-home orders: "What are you waiting for? What more evidence do you need? … There’s no greater intervention, period, full stop, none, than physical distancing."