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If you must go out as winter weather continues to move through the Charlotte area, here’s what to expect on the road.

Charlotte FC sporting director Zoran Krneta adds depth: ‘We wanted to provide goalkeeper coach Andy Quy with a strong, well-rounded group of four goalkeepers.’

The 59-year-old leaves behind three grandchildren and a husband, outlets report.

With a record-high number of guns found in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, parents can be proactive to help their kids cope and confront concerns.

After the bodies were found, police discovered “over a dozen containers of cremated remains.” Some weren’t identified, according to the Johnstown Police Department.

The child went to rescue three stranded dogs and fell through the ice.

Playing without Celeste Taylor for a second consecutive game, the starting guard’s presence was again missed.


Cash, 50, becomes the first Black executive editor in the Observer’s 135-year history.

A Republican who endorsed Cawthorn is now apologizing, saying he should have seen “red flags” earlier from the 25-year-old congressman.

We've heard from many readers that this tweet inaccurately described extremely racist remarks by police as "inappropriate." We agree. Their conversation described "slaughter" and civil war and should have been characterized more forcefully.

Rick Bonnell, 63, was found dead in his Charlotte home on Tuesday by a friend, his son said.

Sen. Thom Tillis also owes the people of NC ‘a full explanation’ - for why he has supported Trump’s abject behavior. (Letters to the Editor)

Cornell University, where 97% of campus is fully vaccinated, is experiencing an outbreak of COVID-19 cases.

Kaitlin Bennett, known as the “Gun Girl” after posing with a gun and her graduation cap two years ago, said a “riot” broke out at Ohio University during her visit to the campus Monday.