Google Assistant’s ‘Interpreter mode’ translates conversations in real time (by @napilopez )

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Is Google better than Bing? I asked Google and Bing (and got surprising results)

This whole #grammys  show is one emotional whirlwind. And that #DemiLovato  performance... just wow

As the number of coronovirus cases rises, U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents are working with the CDC to screen travelers coming over our borders. Watch the Channel 2 News at 11.

The state is investigating S.F. General Hospital, and nurses report the emergency room is chaotic, dangerous and understaffed. Kudos to @TrishaThadani  for this eye-opening story — anybody who suffers a trauma in SF will go there so this is very important.

This monster truck-like Segway looks so fun to ride.

How often does filmmaking lead to genuine scientific discovery? Rarely, but that's exactly what happened with 'Interstellar'

Comparing patterns between different patients with depression could lead to better mental health services.

Star Trek: Picard knows Star Trek is a hard sell in 2020

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How to design AI that eliminates disability bias

The pilot flying #KobeBryant , family and friends was flying under visual flight rules (meaning you avoid obstacles by looking out the window), but as he approached Burbank Airport, the weather made it impossible to do that. /1