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As Trump Equivocates On White Supremacy, the FBI Warns of Right-Wing Terror

"This gruesomeness has been taken to a new height. That’s where we’re at, and it is really a very bad moment for the court itself and for our democracy, and it somehow has to be met with a response." — @russfeingold 

Amid Trump’s Wreckage, Democrats Have New Opportunities—if They Seize Them

As a result of free ­market ideology, newspapers and magazines are seen not as a public good but instead as commodities to be sold for profit by private companies outside the control of public institutions.

Bill Gates’s reported investment in the vaccine company CureVac, alone, may have already gained him tens of millions of dollars.

“[It’s] the only game where there’s a right way to play the game: the white way. The way it was played a hundred years ago, when only whites were allowed to play.”

Following the debates, Democratic support for a fracking ban dropped an eye-popping 16 points, from 65% to 49%.

We need to stop the OAS from being used by Washington as an instrument of regime change, and we need to stop Washington from using regime change as its default policy in dealing with left governments in Latin America.


A "tender age" six-year-old girl was forced to sign this document after being sexually abused in an immigrant detention center while separated from her mother.

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Alec Raeshawn Smith, age 26, was found dead in his apartment on June 27. He was rationing his insulin after he aged out of his parent’s insurance coverage.

Student debt cancellation would boost GDP by up to $108 billion a year and would add up to 1.5 million jobs per year.

Recent polling found that Medicare for All is supported by 69% of all Americans.

By a stunning 30-point margin, millennials support a Green New Deal.

We rarely do this—only twice before in 150 years—but today we endorse Bernie Sanders for president:

49 years ago today, Fred Hampton was killed by the FBI. In 1976, The Nation published a report on the civil trial that followed, revealing details of COINTELPRO and the gruesome plot to take down the Panthers. Read the full story:

Nearly 3,000 pages of emails reveal that the Department of Education worked with men’s rights groups to rewrite the rules on campus sexual assault and harassment.