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Two more pics of the day from RajNivas.Irresistible.Nature at peace
Nature at its best daily at RajNivas😇
The sun in d morning & d moon now. 😇
A large group of visitors came to RajNivas today. They were from Delhi and Haryana. They felt at home in Puducherry. Loved the clean blue sky.
A large group of visitors came to RajNivas today. They were from Delhi and Haryana. They were felt at home in Puducherry. Loved the clean blue sky.
Two new young IAS officers reported for service in Puducherry today. Namely Ashok Kumar and Dr Arun T. I Good for Puducherry. It shall help provide more officer presence.
The Sun God this morning.
One thing most constant.
The Dharna by HCM outside RajNivas is over. The HCM, Council Of Ministers, CS and Secretaries,met.
It helped clarify and consolidate issues. Am happy Puducherry Government will return to work tom morning. So will the road to RajNivas be open for visitors to come to RajNivas.
Hoping after the evening meeting today, the Cabinet shall return to their offices. And visitors to RajNivas can come. As also petitioners for Open House. And Municipal park across RajNivas returns to morning walkers.

The Most Relevant

Sharing what was received from a friend.
“I have been paying tax since decades.
But never heard a Finance Min say in the parliament - *"Thank U Tax Payers".*
Take a bow @PiyushGoyal 🙏
You just won the hearts of all tax payers. Finally someone accepted their imp for the nation”.
When there’s no culture of wearing a helmet in Puducherry and its CM keeps stalling enforcement & every 3rd day there’s a fatal accident, due to non wearing of a helmet,where does one begin?Giveup or take it in one’s own hands as well,alongside challenging enforcement agencies?
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Spirit of Deepavali at tender age of 97. She's mother of (Hiraben Modi -1920) celebrating Diwali at her own home👇🏼
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For me it's India First! Stable,Well Governed,Administered,Accountable and Inclusive.As a an independent voter,my vote is for NaMo
Within Minutes some Filthy Rich have become Poor. Money under mattresses++ is mere paper.Times of Gunny Bags and Suitcases gone..! Jai Hind
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We need more of her kind.
Meet IPS Officer Roopa Who Exposed Sasikala's Life in Jail
"U fail as a nation when 70yrs old #VinodKhanna is mourned MORE than 25 yrs old Capt Ayush Yadav who lost his life at #Kupwara"
U got to to see this. How integrated life is.
Watch it.
Recvd from @SadhguruJV
Full marks to Arvind. Congratulations. Now take Delhi to the heights it belongs to. Make it a world class city..
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