Boris Johnson's Covid-19 lockdown exit plans: mixed reaction from pubs, schools and hairdressers

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Gangster #VikasDubey  killed in an #Encounter  by UP Police. These are the visuals of the hospital where he was taken after he was shot. Instant Justice ?

The North American Scrabble Players Association has announced that it will remove slurs and other offensive words from the official word list that's used at its tournaments

Hong Kong to suspend all schools due to spike in coronavirus cases, media reports

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“It’s incredible to me that the federal government would see the necessity of bailing out airlines and banks,” a fifth-grade teacher in San Diego said, “and not see the need to do something similar for the public schools in this country”

#BlackLivesMatter painted right outside Trump Tower.

A mail carrier in West Virginia pleaded guilty to attempted election fraud. 5 mail-in ballot requests were altered from Democrat to Republican with black ink, federal prosecutors said.

Atienza: I'd rather have a media that makes mistakes then corrects them, than political leaders controlling media. #ABSCBNfranchise 

Trump blasts New York City as a "hellhole" after court upholds subpoena from city prosecutors to obtain his tax returns

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Coronavirus cases in India. 8th of April: 6,000 8th of May: 60,000 8th of June: 265,000 Now: 794,800