South Bend

While Buttigieg was never meant to lead those meetings, activists in South Bend say his absence was glaring.

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South Bend

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I love that Barack Obama logged into Twitter to sound off on what a great president he was, but he can't be bothered to say a kind word about Joe Biden for A YEAR.

Sanders is confronted now with a challenge he's never had before: He has to unite the Democratic Party against Bloomberg before Bloomberg buys the entire party and drives it into the ground. It will require some different skills, but he's shown himself adaptable in recent years

NEW: The top intelligence community lawyer, whose move to block a whistleblower complaint from reaching Congress led the House to embrace impeachment, is resigning. Jason Klitenic is due to leave early next month.

Since #COVID19  outbreak, some US politicians have been attacking how China deals with the epidemic. Does the US have a perfect record in dealing with a similar situation? Let us turn the clock back to 2009 when the H1N1 flu from the US spread to 214 regions and countries.

A fight broke out at a Bernie Sanders rally in Denver, Colorado on Sunday night

The folks at Kickstarter just unionized by a vote of 46-37, per the company. This is a big deal for unions in tech.

@JoeNBC : "We've had 11 years of uninterrupted economic growth – it started and the majority of it was through the Obama administration."

Prada says puts off fashion show in Japan due to coronavirus

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