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“The U.S. is trying to lead us backwards now to the failed policies that led us here.” https://t.co/3sX0AcfGPQ
The Carlisle Indian School closed its doors 100 years ago. Today, a coalition of tribal nations and advocates are demanding a full accounting of the children who never returned. Our collaboration with @highcountrynews: https://t.co/rz6PLc0FEX
“It’s always worked for colonizers worldwide, you take the children and you break the family tie.” https://t.co/eiqAIKGCnK
Trump gets 100 countries to sign on to his U.N. drug war plan, ignoring changing thinking on human rights and legalization https://t.co/4Q6y3wCKlq by @samueloakford
Jon Burge was “always a particularly morbid symptom of a much larger problem of racism and brutality among Chicago cops,” writes @micahuetricht. https://t.co/YGsGuqUN9q
An untold number of Indigenous children disappeared at U.S. boarding schools. Tribal nations are raising the stakes in search of answers. https://t.co/uzcvgPL4Ih by @AlleenBrown and @nick_w_estes (in partnership with @highcountrynews)
A memo frames the “zero tolerance” policy as a response to a jump in the number of migrant families crossing the U.S.-Mexico border this past spring. But border crossings have been on a general downward trend for the last two decades. https://t.co/rY8o0xb9Uz
Kavanaugh denied knowledge of the email list his mentor Alex Kozinski used to distribute pornography and off-color jokes to court employees. That denial is crucial, because if it’s false, it demonstrates that Kavanaugh lied. And that he’s still lying. https://t.co/qpavYbtq1z
Accused torturer Jon Burge died last week, but his legacy of brutal, racist policing lives on in Chicago https://t.co/yb1vtSznIj by @micahuetricht
Brett Kavanaugh has consistently denied knowledge of his mentor Judge Alex Kozinski’s years of sexual harassment. But it seems unlikely that Kavanaugh could have been completely unaware of Kozinski’s behavior after allegations were made public in 2008. https://t.co/ZhitzmSEq0
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