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Together, the speeches comprised an unabashed declaration of post-partisan movement building — a rebuke to those in power who fetishize every identity-based division in order to diffuse the largest coalition in the country: the working class. https://t.co/YhmZ25wYlc
Will journalists, due to hatred of @julianassange, unite behind the Trump DOJ in support of one of the gravest threats to press freedom in years? https://t.co/WQHWD9jYW3
“The far more important question that will determine @julianassange’s future is what the U.S. Government intends to do,” writes @ggreenwald. The Obama administration was eager to prosecute Assange and WikiLeaks, but concluded there was no way to do so. https://t.co/MEqOl7Ed6m
Looking for a new job? Our parent company @firstlookmedia is hiring for a variety of roles, including director of marketing, director of analytics and research, creative director, associate events director, contract newsletter strategist, and more. Apply: https://t.co/49erNgNFhc
References to “Medicare for All,” a $15 minimum wage, and campaign finance reform received the most overwhelming cheers from the crowd on Friday. “They said the people of Kansas don’t want those things,” said @Ocasio2018, “but you have proven them wrong.” https://t.co/AKPqoqFL1H
Canadian law enforcement and intelligence agencies have frequently categorized pipeline opponents as violent and criminal. The government has focused on Indigenous activists, coining terminology such as “violent aboriginal extremists.” https://t.co/w61bid7hdN
“Butina is just a minor figure in what appears to be a broader ongoing inquiry into the relationships between Russia, conservative American organizations like the National Rifle Association, and Donald Trump’s presidential campaign,” writes James Risen. https://t.co/EGln2DNTEL
Ecuador will imminently withdraw asylum for @julianassange and hand him over to the UK. What comes next? https://t.co/UKx11G6I78 by @ggreenwald
“The Butina case is almost certainly the opening move in a brand new front in the Trump-Russia investigation,” writes James Risen. https://t.co/5PepAUcMAn
MSNBC ignored @Ocasio2018’s campaign — but its corporate parent made a late donation to her opponent. https://t.co/oqoiLO0n5s
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