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“If I were a criminal, if my wife was a criminal, if we were all criminals here, we’d be trying to do something else, but we just want them to listen to us. We want to come in legally, so they can hear our [asylum] claims.” https://t.co/Tj6Zb09Ul3
“Any reallocation of U.S. funding from aid given to the U.N. for humanitarian work towards a voucher system set up to encourage Palestinians to leave their homes would represent support by the U.S. for ethnic cleansing.” https://t.co/yKDoeYNBM4
“If there are any Palestinian residents who wish to leave, we will provide funds for you to leave, with the hopes that over 10 years to change the demography of the West Bank towards an eventual annexation.” https://t.co/jUH9gMYvtf
Almost 2,000 clandestine graves were found in Mexico between 2006 and 2016 — one grave every two days, in 1 out of 7 municipalities, according to an investigation by independent Mexican journalists. https://t.co/4G1ThBkk6G
People on the streets of Paris said they were tired of the political system that forced them last year to vote for Emmanuel Macron, a former investment banker, just to keep out the far-right National Front candidate, Marine Le Pen. https://t.co/loDC84UeFg
Throughout the Tijuana, there are an estimated 28 shelters housing approximately 4,000 members of the caravans, who are enduring hunger, unsanitary conditions, and anxiety about their fates as the Trump administration slashes options for asylum-seekers. https://t.co/bWObCxSLuH
“The Paris agreement was an accommodation to the United States. If you want to continue to accommodate the United States it will be at the peril of developing countries.” https://t.co/wPBfW4aJns
The Weekly Standard was born just a year before Fox News. Fox pushed mindless belligerence, conspiracism, and a deep hatred for reality; the Weekly Standard did the same thing, but with less cleavage and more quotes from Cicero, writes @tinyrevolhttps://t.co/mPT9Qt8Uotution.
The plan is a bid to reshape the ethnic and religious population of territories controlled by Israel, according to the head of Alliance for Israel Advocacy. https://t.co/W2f1GQjEqO
From its coverage of Iraq to gay marriage, Syria, and climate change, there are plenty of reasons for everyone to dance on the Weekly Standard’s grave, writes @tinyrevolhttps://t.co/nmqV5MR5STution.
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