JUST IN: Oregon passes bill banning gun ownership for people with domestic violence convictions

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Speaker Pelosi: "We're not going to have a shutdown."

25% of Veterans receiving VA care have been diagnosed with #diabetes . Mary Julius, of the @ClevelandVAMC  diabetes self-management and education training program, breaks down devices, tools and education available to diabetic Veterans.

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This is Europe's 'man on the moon' moment. The European Green Deal is our new growth strategy – for a growth that gives back more than it takes away. #EUGreenDeal 

Conservatives fear spending legislation that needs to pass within 9 days will be stuffed with wasteful spending. Because Republicans will be too distracted by impeachment to organize opposition.

"A budget is a statement of a nation’s values, and we believe our current spending grossly misrepresents our true priorities."

Bolsonaro called Greta Thunberg a brat, so obviously she made it her Twitter bio

President Trump: "Pelosi has totally lost control. It's being run by this crazy AOC plus 3."

Rep. Kevin McCarthy: : "Impeachment is the removal of the highest elected person in this land. I don't care if you think Americans who support President Trump are deplorable, but you do not have the right to disqualify their vote just because you do not like President Trump."

There was no quid pro quo, there was no bribery, there was no obstruction of justice & there was no treason. Pres. Trump did nothing wrong. This is simply a political hit job. An EMERGENCY 2X-MATCH has been activated on ALL contributions. DONATE NOW!

No matter your political leaning, whether you love her or hate her, whether you’re for trump or against him, @NancyPelosi  has had a much bigger impact