Trump renews culture war, putting GOP on edge

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In Yemen today, 80% of people require humanitarian assistance in one form or another. It's time to end the war on Yemen and stop arms sales to Saudi Arabia. My message to the recent Birmingham event against the war on Yemen 👇

I don’t know Ellen, but this WaPo chronology makes the whole “scandal” look like an exercise in Cancel Culture trying to destroy her bc she wasn’t woke enough to throw Kevin Hart overboard or be hateful to George W Bush. Today’s Left is deeply intolerant.

Manhattan prosecutors on Monday told a federal judge that their probe extends beyond hush-money payments and pointed to public reports of "extensive and protracted criminal conduct" at the Trump Organization, per @eorden ⁩ @KaraScannell ⁩

More @NicolleDWallace  is what the world needs right now. Congrats to my friend who’s going to be hosting an extra hour daily on @MSNBC . Her insight and analysis is only exceeded by her humility and kindness

blue check-marks are afraid of pick-up trucks

Extra unemployment benefits are just about the best stimulus we have to keep the economy going. You want money in people’s pockets so they can go out and spend. Take away those benefits, and you'll see no benefit from the stimulus. How this is even controversial is beyond me.

Supercharged unemployment benefits expired 9 days ago and Senate Republicans still dont have a real plan to replace them.

We are starting to fill in the pieces of the puzzle. The American people will finally be able to get the full picture of the corruption that occurred in the 2016 presidential transition process.

After Mitch McConnell blocked @TimmonsGoodson’s nomination to the federal bench—despite her overwhelming qualifications—she decided to run for #NC08 . Pat's unwavering voice for justice is just what we need in the House. Chip in now to make that happen: