Infectious disease specialist: Florida "heading a million miles an hour in the wrong direction"

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The definition of not a good day? When your old buddy strikes a plea deal with you as the target.

When the Muslim Brotherhood is praising you, it speaks volumes that you’re on the wrong side.  

@SecBlinken  on China: We are seeking, resolutely so, to uphold the rules-based international order. And in a practical way, that means insisting that countries make good on their commitments and play by the rules that we've all agreed to.

I also pray we honor Ms. Sutherland’s request for action. As we push forward in our enduring struggle for a more just country, it is clear that failure to act is not an option. We cannot accept the status quo at the expense of our humanity.

No mother should fear that a mental illness is a death sentence for her child. No mother should have to watch a gut-wrenching video of her child calling out to God in his final moments.

Maybe the new CDC guidance would be too liberal in a world where everyone listened to CDC guidance, but in the real world the people to listen to the CDC are liable to be both far more risk-averse and far more vaccinated than the population overall.

This week's column: The Budget lacks a comprehensive roadmap for reopening Australia's borders — and economy

My heart broke today watching Amy Sutherland being forced to relive the grief of losing her son Jamal. No mother should ever have to bury her child.

UNHCR, aid partners call for renewed and strong support for the Rohingya refugees. 

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Chemist responsible for making Post-it Note stick dies at age 80