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WATCH: Nadler plays 1999 clip of Graham defining high crimes: "It doesn't even have to be a crime"

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Nadler / Graham

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Think about the cruelty of our health care system. Someone is diagnosed with cancer. They are fighting for their lives. Then they get a $100,000 bill. And in the midst of all of this, health care companies make $100 billion in profit a year. That has got to change.

We need your help to make sure our campaign is successful in Nevada today. Can you jump on the phone lines and make calls to voters right now?

"Before we even get to the summer, with the strong support of all of you, the United States will return American astronauts to space on American rockets from American soil," @VP  said Wednesday. 🔭

Media coverage of #Putin  political influence efforts missing important nuance. His ULTIMATE goal isn’t to help any particular candidate. It’s to get us to hate each other,question the credibility of our election results,are left unable to take action & look bad to the world.

The iconic blue and gold British passport is returning. Find out more about the design and roll-out here:

Why do we need local newspapers? Because of stellar investigative reporting like this by the @IdahoStatesman . Don’t just skim the headline. Click on the story. And i think they’ve earned at least a follow. Well done.

@Twitter  has suspended 70 pro @Mike Bloomberg accounts for "platform manipulation and spam." A spokesperson for the Bloomberg campaign demanded that "field organizers identify themselves" on social media going forward.

For too long, the shortage of agricultural inspectors at our border has threatened the health & safety of millions of Americans. That’s why I worked to pass a bipartisan bill increasing @CustomsBorder  hiring levels & I am proud that it’ll soon be signed into law. @wxyzdetroitMore  from ➡️

Trump in India: What to expect on trade, security and human rights