Lindsey Graham / Ukraine / Ukraine Ukraine

Sen. Lindsey Graham: "It's bad foreign policy if you're going to be in charge of dealing with corruption in Ukraine that your son hook up with the most corrupt company in the Ukraine and turn the Ukraine into an ATM machine."

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Lindsey Graham / Ukraine / Ukraine Ukraine

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Trump's rants about a "fraudulent election" are not a joke. They are the most significant attack against our democracy in history. If the election system's "rigged," if the media's "fake," if federal officials are part of a "deep state," who can you trust? You got it. A dictator.

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Fauci: Federal agents “drive me to work, they stay here, they make sure that nobody tries to break in [to my home] and, as Steve Bannon would like, have somebody behead me. I don’t socialize. It’s my wife and I and the federal agents.”

3:23:36 p.m. - #HR7903  - On motion to suspend the rules and pass the bill Agreed to by voice vote.

4:02:50 p.m. - #HR5517  - Mr. Engel moved to suspend the rules and pass the bill, as amended. #HR5517  - "To affirm the friendship of the governments of the US of America and the Republic of India, and to establish a bilateral partnership for collaboration t

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