President Trump / Jewish / White House President Donald

President Trump: "The Jewish state has never had a better friend in the White House than your President Donald J. Trump."

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President Trump / Jewish / White House President Donald

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Libya’s neighbours are most affected by the negative impact of this conflict. They have the most direct interest in achieving peace & stability in Libya. They have a key role to play in carrying the Berlin process forward. – Foreign Minister@HeikoMaas  in Algiers

United States Senators don’t serve at the pleasure of the President. We answer to the power of the people. And the people, they want witnesses, they want evidence. They want a trial, not a mockery of a trial.

British and French soldiers from NATO’s enhanced Forward Presence Battlegroup Estonia pit the GB Challenger 2 tank against the FR Leclerc. Although carried out in a friendly spirit, it got competitive. #enhancedForwardPresence  #eFP  @BritishArmy  @armeedeterre 

Florida man accused of stabbing and killing pro-Trump boss after argument

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President Trump: "With me, there's no lying. There's no nothing."

At least a dozen service members stationed in Iraq are being evaluated for possible traumatic brain injuries after Iran’s Jan. 8 attack. The delayed news has prompted speculation that the White House directed a cover-up, FP's @laraseligman  reports.

House Dems hammered senators with everything they had yesterday: an all-day deluge of dense info, peppered with screenshots of deposition transcripts, emails, text messages and 50 video clips — 3 times more than House GOP used in 1999 for Clinton

“There is certainly no evidence that boys have less capacity for empathy at birth than girls do, so that is learned behavior about what it means to be masculine.” An interview with @peggyorenstein .

What’s *really* behind this #ImpeachmentSham ? Well.... The Democrats are threatened by PresidentTrump’s success and know the only way to "beat" Trump is to NOT HAVE TO FACE HIM! RT! #DemsGotNothing  #MAGA  #KAG  #NewHoaxSameSwamp