Lisa Page speaks out after Trump mocked her with a "demeaning fake orgasm"

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He’s literally been raising 2020 cash since early 2017. Where did all the Trump campaign’s money go?

Glenn Reynolds wrote a column for USA today on the Hunter Biden matter. The paper wouldn't print it. So he posted it at Instapundit.

It would be, in the words of one senior administration official, "the biggest handoff of economic power to a single entity in history.” One Wall Street analyst said: "The whole story smacks of cronyism at best and reeks of 'the swamp' at worst."

NEWS: Trump's campaign committee expected to report only **~$63 million** entering Oct. That's about half of what it had entering Sept. RNC $78.1m Trump Victory $90.3m T-MAGA $20.1m. Total between 4 entities previously announced as $251.4 million.

The New York Post is still locked out of its account, and that should worry conservative voices. @KayColesJames 

After putting the Senate on “pause” for over five months of this COVID crisis: Senator McConnell is now holding partisan show votes on COVID relief He's admitted that as many as 20 GOP Senators don’t want to vote for anything Democrats will not stop fighting for the HEROES Act

The GOP is the party of "paper patriotism...if @Kaepernick7  takes a knee they'll never watch a football game again... Everybody supports the troops, until the troops need support. And then they disappear." Jon Stewart to me on the @MehdiHasanShow  tonight:

“In my first three years, we increased family income over $6,000… more than FIVE times the gains in all eight years under the previous administration.” - @realDonaldTrump 

From @jaketapper ⁩ : Trump’s CoS and other Trumpworld figures said to be pushing Pentagon to award lucrative contract to company owned by Karl Rove and other GOP investors.