Macron: NATO is experiencing "brain death" due to Trump admin

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State Department is down to the wire in terms of complying with this court order to hand over documents about the Ukraine scheme. It's 6pm ET right now. Deadline is 11:59pm ET tonight.

Joe Biden may not want the votes of those concerned about immigrant rights, but I do. Join our movement for justice.

It's not that your racist and homophobic comments are 'made to seem offensive', Boris Johnson. They are offensive and you should apologise. #BBCQT 

Now that the Schiff show is over in the House Intel Committee, it’s time for Dems to get back to the issues that matter most to Americans. They should be focusing on working w/ Republicans to ratify the USMCA which would create 176,000 jobs & add $68.2 billion to the US economy.

The judge's order resulted from a FOIA lawsuit filed by American Oversight@weareoversight ( ). In advance of the State Department (presumably) releasing the documents tonight, American Oversight gives us this statement:

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In a nation which has far too much violence and murder, we’re going to end capital punishment.

"No, my children went to public schools." – @elizabethforma  Warren told a voter that her children attended public schools despite reporting that claims otherwise. Warren has been outspoken against school choi @DeAngelisCoreye . 📹:

This is just sickening: “Rudy Giuliani's son makes $95,000 working as sports liaison for the White House

The Democratic Party, lurching toward the first contests in the 2020 primary season with no clear front-runner, has been gripped by a number of existential questions, many of which center on one mysterious figure: the “moderate” voter.