Texas officers won't face charges after leading black man down the street by rope while riding horses

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I said it earlier and I say it once again: System of MSP will remain. Government procurement will continue. We are here to serve our farmers. We will do everything possible to support them and ensure a better life for their coming generations.

A watershed moment in the history of Indian agriculture! Congratulations to our hardworking farmers on the passage of key bills in Parliament, which will ensure a complete transformation of the agriculture sector as well as empower crores of farmers.

Our agriculture sector is in desperate need of latest technology that assists the industrious farmers. Now, with the passage of the bills, our farmers will have easier access to futuristic technology that will boost production and yield better results. This is a welcome step.

Winning Big. Next year, if I’m re-elected, will be our best year ever! Sleepy Joe wants to quadruple your taxes and go to socialized healthcare. Depression!

Frustrated at not having enough support to defeat #FarmBills , opposition leaders resort to disrupting proceeding in Rajya Sabha by jumping into the well, pulling down the Chairman’s mic and hurling and tearing papers. Such shameful, unpardonable and reprehensible conduct!

Six months into his crusade to stop universal mail-in voting, President Trump has yet to prevent a single state from sending voters ballots

@Nate_Cohn  Well the Senate is a wildly undemocratic institution, so there’s no reason to see possession of a Senate majority as bestowing *democratic* legitimacy on anything you do.

Trump Calls It A 'Beautiful Thing' That Cops Struck Journalist@AliVelshi  With Rubber Bullet in a troubling, disjointed rally speech. # via @HuffPostPol 

Now one could say “instead of doing this, Democrats should change all their policy positions to downweight the interests and preferences of non-white peope and city-dwellers.” But the idea of equality under the law among citizens seems worth fighting for.

Here is a list of cities and/or districts which have been ordered fresh curbs or guidelines to contain Covid-19 spread