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The Hill
rep jerry nadler using fake identities on social media platforms like facebook and twitter these operatives pl
Rep. Jerry Nadler: "Using fake identities on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, these operatives planned rallies in favor of the president and spread lies about Secretary Clinton made to look like legitimate media."

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Chuck Schumer
what we saw today in facilities at the southern border was unbearable inhumane heartbreaking migrants and fami
What we saw today in facilities at the southern border was unbearable, inhumane, heartbreaking.

Migrants and families and kids coming to America searching for a better life CANNOT be treated this way.

This is not who we are. This must end. Now.
Senator Dick Durbin
just got done with my trip to the southern border in mcallen tx our immigration system is broken you cant walk
Just got done with my trip to the southern border in McAllen, TX. Our immigration system is broken. You can’t walk into these facilities, see these children, and believe that this situation is acceptable. America is better than this.
Judicial Watch ?
tune in live on facebook periscope and youtube to catch judicial watchs weekly update live will be discussing
Tune in live on Facebook, Periscope, and YouTube to catch Judicial Watch’s Weekly Update Live. @TomFitton will be discussing: Dirty Voter Roll Cleanup in Kentucky, Obama State Dept. Caught in RussiaGate, and Ilhan Omar Marriage Scandal!
Brit Hume
not to mention the biggest media fiasco of our time russia collusion
Not to mention the biggest media fiasco of our time: Russia collusion.
The White House
as i look around this room i wish it were large enough to hold 400000 people because at its peak that s how m
.@astromcollins: "As I look around this room . . . I wish it were large enough to hold 400,000 people. Because at its peak, that's how many people were employed by NASA on the quest for the moon . . . I'm just thrilled to represent them."
Judicial Watch ?
at remember obama knew about hillary clintons emails we found material that the obama white house orchestrate
.@TomFitton at #WCS2019: “Remember, Obama knew about Hillary Clinton’s emails. We found material that the Obama White House orchestrated the cover-up. The Clinton email scandal was an Obama, FBI, and DOJ scandal.”
Richard Blumenthal
im overwhelmed by the hardship these families especially kids have enduredampthe generosity of all the volunte
I’m overwhelmed by the hardship these families, especially kids, have endured&the generosity of all the volunteers. I’m more determined than ever to fight for comprehensive immigration reform&make sure asylum seekers, who are escaping persecution&violence, can find a home here.
Senator Jeff Merkley
every person coming to america should be treated with respect no matter their race no matter their country of
Every person coming to America should be treated with respect, no matter their race, no matter their country of origin. We must be better than this.
The Hill
trump says he doesn t care if attacks on the squad hurt him politically
Trump says he doesn't care if attacks on "The Squad" hurt him politically
The White House
celebrating 50 years since apollo 11 with true american icons astromcollins therealbuzz
Celebrating 50 years since Apollo 11 with true American icons. 🚀 @AstroMCollins @TheRealBuzz
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