Researchers say world's second-largest emperor penguin colony has been wiped out

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America has routinely had riots like these since 1935. The police/local govs *always* insist the violence was driven by "outside agitators" and independent reviews *almost always* later find that to not be accurate. The police are not a source of objective info about the police.

We are launching an app today which will give everyone the status of hospital beds and ventilator availability in Delhi

As we near 2 lakh cases, does the Govt have any answers as to how they utilised the lockdown to combat the spread of the virus?

Hey everyone. Thankfully, our whole team is ok and safe. I’m totally fine - my jacket sleeve got singed and that’s it. So sorry for the curse words.. and thank you for the sweet texts, calls and tweets ❤️

PM Modi addresses 125th year celebrations of CII via VC

Yet, 50 years post-Apartheid, black Americans by *every available measure* continue to be denied equity and equality. They continue to be denied equal protection under the law, equal access to justice, equal access to opportunity

Independent autopsy and medical examiner both rule George Floyd's death a homicide

Republican lawmakers advocate for military escalation in response to George Floyd protests

Suspect in shooting death of black protester donated to Trump campaign, FEC records show