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Latest Scoops

Pence's daughter backs John Oliver's parody book about gay family rabbit: "I'm all for it" https://t.co/Glv45GRNAQ
Obamas send handwritten note to Parkland students: "You've helped awaken the conscience of the nation" https://t.co/2Q32EknJWD
NEW POLL: Nearly 70 percent of voters say Trump is a bad role model for children https://t.co/2br0wmYa3q
Neo-Nazi wins GOP congressional primary: https://t.co/cA0aUpni4N
Freedom Caucus chairman blasts NY rail funding: Trump campaigned on a wall, not a tunnel https://t.co/xrcyvpqoE0
NEW POLL: Dems hold 6 point lead over GOP on generic 2018 midterms ballot https://t.co/KRvUBtbby8
JUST IN: Mississippi governor names Cindy Hyde-Smith as state's first female senator https://t.co/zCT1otSvZM
Federal Reserve raises interest rates for first time under Powell https://t.co/SaGwtzx8uu
White House: Staffer who leaked Trump briefing papers after Putin call could be fired https://t.co/7vqVTIBTSq
Trump, Kelly furious over leak that Trump was told not to congratulate Putin: report https://t.co/4z3q6nqYDD
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