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Latest Scoops

Hospital employee fired after viral video shows him yelling N-word at woman in donut shop https://t.co/nE1QOfCABd
Roger Stone: I would not testify against Trump under any circumstance https://t.co/Np8FRppwzt
Trump says Apprentice creator assured him there are “NO TAPES” of him using the N-word https://t.co/4T09QUTPvm
GoFundMe for Strzok raises over $100,000 in hours https://t.co/LkBQ3pjXat
Aides frequently have to explain time zone differences to Trump: report https://t.co/e00PUVzJKj
Omarosa: Melania can't wait to divorce Trump, uses her fashion choices to "punish" him https://t.co/fy2B3QO91S
Denny's apologizes after group of black customers refused service https://t.co/WtafZ2JOgw
Melania Trump's office pushes back on Omarosa claims: The two "rarely, if ever, interacted" https://t.co/KG1GPgAWN4
WATCH: Sacha Baron Cohen tricks pro-gun group leader into putting sex toy in his mouth https://t.co/E05QzgYO5C
WATCH: Trump rips McCain hours after signing bill named after him https://t.co/S3qWK8vCPX
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