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Latest Scoops

Clinton: Trump is still Putin’s puppet https://t.co/l8IbiJvp0W
NEW: Senate GOP running out of options to stop Roy Moore https://t.co/R9l508nBqw
Billionaire Russian oligarch docks yacht near Mar-a-Lago ahead of Trump visit https://t.co/SHZuhA7Cer
WATCH: Fox host falsely claims there are no sexual misconduct allegations against Trump https://t.co/oDkjgDMyrJ
Pastor supporting Moore: "More women are sexual predators than men" https://t.co/iTG5IqCGk3
Clinton mocks Trump: How does he get things done "between tweeting and golfing?" https://t.co/U0cMV0kDnq
WATCH: MSNBC host tears into pro-Trump pastor for defending Roy Moore: "Aren't you a moral leader?" https://t.co/1hT33Pw60f
WATCH: SNL imagines Trump Jr.-Assange meeting in "The Mueller Files" https://t.co/ZM32eFVYA9
New York Times rips Tillerson: He's "ill-suited" to lead the State Department https://t.co/qO6Lf4qBIz
Anti-LGBT Republican state lawmaker resigns over "inappropriate behavior" in his office with another man https://t.co/XO2qGzM5sq
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