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Latest Scoops

Ryan: We don't need a government shutdown to fund the border wall https://t.co/cY3yGfrhxR
Trump science official quits, sneaks secret impeachment message into resignation letter https://t.co/SsaUGZZfZu
Scarborough: Trump’s rally speech was a “disaster” for the country https://t.co/WxzmEHUIVQ
GOP on the brink of open warfare with itself https://t.co/DmIf91JbHs
Carson may have broken federal laws by appearing at Trump's Arizona rally https://t.co/u8B3EPwc80
U.S. diplomats in Cuba suffered traumatic brain injury after sonic attack: report https://t.co/ZrM5HXzpc4
Secret Service to stop deleting White House visitor log information https://t.co/ogd8qav948
Meghan McCain fires back after report of Trump supporter calling for her father's death: https://t.co/wowrEHtMLN
Russia probe reveals new attempt to set up Trump-Putin meeting: report https://t.co/RCD8U5q0mO
Trump met with possible primary challengers to Arizona senator he attacked: report https://t.co/LQv03Qby4c
Arizona ACLU demands investigation into police force against protestors after Trump rally https://t.co/eal7LS2bcV
Trump isn't backing down from his threat to shut down the government over border wall funding https://t.co/Wd7LpP2S8J
Microsoft wins lawsuit against Russian attackers who hacked DNC https://t.co/Urdkh4iwf6
Top German magazine shows Trump doing Nazi salute https://t.co/zIseLSO7at
Trump science official quits, sneaks secret impeachment message into resignation letter https://t.co/VSVIUVuGsz
THE MEMO: 7 takeaways from Trump’s Arizona speech https://t.co/QaDaZpEhDw
Descendant of Robert E. Lee knocks Trump: Stop defending Confederate statues you know nothing about https://t.co/2jQtZAGs5k
Poll: Mark Cuban would defeat Trump in a presidential election https://t.co/1oMdUEoE3c
Obama aide: Talk of removing Trump from office could lead down a "very dangerous road" https://t.co/QtpaIbkSEB
Carson may have broken federal law at Trump rally: https://t.co/fjSwCklpM3
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