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Latest Scoops

Putin says rap should be controlled in Russia https://t.co/v5Grv2jymX
Lanny Davis: Nixon had more respect for the Constitution than Trump @HillTVLive https://t.co/G2rHbfLD3I
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Iowa school districts to roll out mandatory firearm courses next year https://t.co/9Y9X08gDFC
Democratic strategist says GOP needs "exorcism" after House midterm losses @HillTVLive https://t.co/FGEcY6UxOJ
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Parkland shooting survivor and gun reform advocate gets accepted to Harvard https://t.co/kdBrfIlQo0
French journalist concerned Paris protests could embolden far-right in France @HillTVLive https://t.co/q3fxYlT74W
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Rashida Tlaib to wear traditional Palestinian gown when she's sworn into Congress https://t.co/BPoyOObJwJ
Fan who gifted Ginsburg new collar didn’t know she would wear it in Supreme Court portrait https://t.co/XJWdsM2S6C
Zinke blames "false allegations" against him in resignation letter https://t.co/oFOcS567Xb
"Trump will likely win reelection in 2020" (@TheHillOpinion) https://t.co/OavAhrsV0r
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