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Latest Scoops

Trump insists "Russian Collusion Hoax is dead" as Bannon is interviewed for Russia probe https://t.co/UpgLSWJz3R
Trump Hotels staff "ran off" Marriott execs from visiting property that severed ties with Trump: report https://t.co/DA8HeN3BJd
Education Dept dismissed discrimination complaints from transgender students: report https://t.co/4gjZG0a0Ds
Poll: Few say media supports democracy well https://t.co/S8UBboBQjw
Durbin: White House should release tapes from "shithole countries" meeting https://t.co/ZxpU8zlr0g
Ex-Romney adviser: "I think he very much is" running for Senate https://t.co/k4BajBcmVf
Pence turned red-faced as pastor condemned Trump's "shithole countries" comments during sermon: report https://t.co/KajEq3sCfJ
Trump said he didn't care about black lawmakers' demands during "shithole countries" meeting: report https://t.co/C2EkrKxbOs
White House: Dems are using Trump's "shithole countries" comment as an "excuse" https://t.co/rWop9AgDc2
Inspectors cited Mar-a-Lago for poor maintenance, kitchen violations: https://t.co/mBBHKqbnl1
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