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Latest Scoops

Porn star: Stormy Daniels told me in 2011 that she was threatened to keep quiet about alleged Trump affair https://t.co/BsxfgtDqtp
Dem lawmaker: Trump separating children from their parents at border "would shock Jesus" https://t.co/PyBsuwFEea
Trump's personal lawyer shares petition promoting Deep State conspiracy theory https://t.co/HjupVp6p2l
Homeland Security chief sees working for Trump as almost impossible task: report https://t.co/Sx6KzGY3ZX
Giuliani: White House wants briefing on classified meeting, thinks it could end Mueller probe https://t.co/SE221QzzZu
Dem senator: Trump Jr. may have given "false testimony" about meeting with foreign nationals https://t.co/2WB8Lb2om0
Student says teacher swatted gun away, tackled the suspect at Indiana middle school https://t.co/DNb7dD62G8
Trump appears to confirm a deal to help Chinese telecom giant ZTE https://t.co/LXb7UWSjaI
Judge rejects Manafort's attempt to throw out some charges https://t.co/y5w37SFamT
Border Patrol union president: Trump deployment a "colossal waste of resources" https://t.co/wzVv0z9lKW
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