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Minnesota GOP Senate candidate compared Michelle Obama to a chimp in Facebook post https://t.co/EhedxY6oat
Cherokee Nation tears into Warren for using DNA test to claim Native American heritage https://t.co/N3jp59KmwB
Beto O'Rourke will not share $38 million he raised with other Dem Senate candidates https://t.co/un2C4sioMO
Dating app for Trump supporters leaked its users data on launch day: report https://t.co/hT2qYwpfO4
President Trump: "When you look at that whole filing that they did last night, for me is very sad. Somebody that is of my generation, Sears Roebuck was a big deal." https://t.co/v50RhGWr7F
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Trump: I’ll only donate $1 million if I can "personally" test Warren's DNA https://t.co/yW0WuTarua
Bezos says his aerospace company is his "most important" work https://t.co/7XGZOsRDb5
Google pulls out of business conference in Saudi Arabia after reports of journalist's murder https://t.co/UarzeJMaks
Top Bolton aide to leave National Security Council https://t.co/aoXdHsiTfm
Trump Jr. blasts Beto O’Rourke: "Irish guy pretending to be Hispanic" https://t.co/Me9qySNvh6
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