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OPINION: Just when you thought they couldn’t say anything sillier, these three moments from the political elite show Covid lunacy is still running rampant.

You can’t visit your parents at their home yet you can visit a brothel. Up to 100 people can attend church, but only 50 guests can attend a wedding. Here are other Covid rules that don’t make sense.

Finding Freedom, the explosive book about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, is set for a major revision as details about the couple’s 2018 Australian tour emerge.

Hated Eastern Freeway Porsche driver Richard Pusey has scored a huge windfall on his Geelong apartment block investment.

ANDREW BOLT: American gymnast Simone Biles shouldn’t be praised for quitting halfway through the Olympics team final for “mental health” reasons.

After more than two years Westfield Knox is about to undergo major renos and you won’t believe who is moving into the centre.

Olympics live blog: Yes you read that correctly. Australia's Jess Fox has shared a video which shows how a condom saved her bid for a medal in Tokyo.

WANTED: These flare-wielding protesters are the top targets police are pursuing from Melbourne’s anti-lockdown rally. Do you know them?

Increased pollution outside schools and childcare centres has prompted calls for drastic changes, including a ban on a common drop-off practice.


Daniel Andrews’ request that Victorians wear masks is not backed up by the science, and looks like more empty actions from a man who likes to look busy, writes Andrew Bolt.

Forget the snivelling deference of WHO and the work of communist propagandists — China’s central role in the coronavirus tragedy must never be forgotten, writes Rita Panahi.

PETA CREDLIN: If we want the truth from our military about how people were killed in Afghanistan, we must also demand it from our political leaders about why people died in Victoria.

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Collingwood champion Dane Swan wants Victoria’s leaders to stand down over their handling of the pandemic. And he’s not alone.

A 36-year-old British tourist has defied health orders and flown to Hamilton Island despite testing positive in Sydney to coronavirus.

An investigation of Anthony Albanese’s official disclosures to parliament shows the Labor leader has accepted dozens of free tickets to sporting events and concerts, charging taxpayers for travel to cities on several occasions.