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@JeffreyCarlisle  asks @thesoccerdon  why political influence on allowing fans in stands should affect the league's health judgements. Garber says that because other sports are allowing fans to attend, "it's smart for us to consider it."

From what I can tell so far, three MLS teams will allow fans at games: FC Dallas, Sporting Kansas City and Real Salt Lake. Any others?

@SoccerInsider  asks @thesoccerdon  whether the league should quite while it's ahead. "Quitting is never an option."

I deleted my tweet about teams' social media accounts. It's not the fault of teams' social media staffers that the league has made the decision to risk the lives of its players, coaches and everyone else who will travel to games.

Don Garber says that where games are played without fans, the national anthem will not be played. Where there are fans, the anthem will be played because of the role fans play in pregame festivities.

Don Garber says FC Dallas' plan to have fans in attendance has not yet been approved by the league.

Garber: "Playing games with fans in attendance is a step toward what the new normal in sports is going to be."

Garber says MLS might have to use poitns per game in setting the standings.

I still don’t find any of your jokes about NYCFC playing at Red Bull Arena funny.


Names apparently on the NWSL Los Angeles ownership list so far: Mia Hamm Abby Wambach Julie Foudy Joy Fawcett Angela Hucles Tisha Hoch Saskia Webber Natalie Portman Alexis Ohanian

@PhilaUnion  players are wearing names of Black people killed by police on their jerseys instead of their own names. @raygaddis  is wearing the name of Breonna Taylor. The police who killed her have still not been arrested yet. #MLSIsBlack  #NYCvPHI 

Video of @AleBedoya17 ’s impassioned plea after Sunday night’s game: “I’m not going to sit idly by and watch this stuff happen and not say something. Before I’m an athlete, before I’m a soccer player, I’m a human being first.”

Jill Ellis was asked whether she'd consider telling her team to dial it back in order to avoid France in the quarterfinals: "I struggle to tell my team not to tackle each other in training the day before." #USA  #FIFAWWC 

MLS president Mark Abbott paid a visit to the and told them that if they didn't knock off the chants, #SaveTheCrewhey 'd be asked to leave the hall. Soon thereafter, Don Garber told the hall's head of security to let them speak as long as they keep it expletive-free.

Time for Sunil Gulati to go. You don't get to survive this when you've hired the people who ran this qualifying cycle.

How many of you remember @smccaffrey9  playing in the @NWSL  for @chiredstarsPR  and the Boston Breakers, and scoring for the #USWNT  against Brazil? Now she’s at @Penn  , aiming to make enough money to buy a women’s soccer team. And she isn’t shy about it:

The Whitecaps will send a training compensation check to Alphonso Davies’ youth club in Edmonton. Whitecaps brass say they’re on board with FIFA’s rules for the system. That might get some attention in the rest of MLS.

Some reporter who hadn’t been here before asked Zlatan how he has “changed American soccer culture so far.” Zlatan's answer: “Pfft. I don’t know if I changed it. I just keep doing my job, and they are lucky I didn’t come 10 years ago, because I would be the president today.”

I forgot to tweet this earlier today: the @HoustonDash’s@NWSL  Challenge Cup title win got big play in today’s Houston Chronicle. (via @PressReader )