Maher Joe Biden / Trump

Bill Maher makes the case for Joe Biden: He is "mildly embarrassing" but not "insane" like Trump

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Maher Joe Biden / Trump

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Question from @BrianKarem : Do you commit to making sure there is a peaceful transfer of power? President Trump: We're going to have to see what happens.

Rather than commit to a peaceful transfer of power, the president just said that if you get rid of the ballots, he can guarantee it will be peaceful because there will be no transfer and he will continue rule.

A HISTORY OF US POLICING: A THREAD The modern system of policing is rotten to its core. Here’s how we got here. ⬇️

They literally did the opposite of “say her name”. After investigating the killing of Breonna Taylor for 6 months, here is the 2-page indictment that was rendered against one officer for wanton endangerment. The indictment makes no explicit mention of her name #BreonnaTaylor 

Literally as he says this, pro-regime gunmen are prowling the streets of Louisville harassing dissidents.

Banner on @CNN  right now, while the president takes questions at a press briefing: "TRUMP WON'T COMMIT TO PEACEFUL TRANSFER OF POWER"

Amy Coney Barrett, one of Trump’s frontrunners for replacing Ruth Bader Ginsburg, spoke with CBSN in February 2016 after AntoninScalia’s death. She cautioned about replacing Scalia in an election year with “someone who could dramatically flip the balance of power on the court."

If you're protesting tonight, know how to better protect your privacy.

The state of our democracy: the incumbent who has basically zero chance of winning the most votes is telling us that he’s trying to rush another lackey onto the Supreme Court so they can steal the election for him by stopping enough swing states from counting all their votes.

Dr. Atlas @SWAtlasHoover  gets into a fiery exchange with NBC News' @PeterAlexander : ALEXANDER: "Americans hear one thing from the CDC Director and another thing from you. Who are we to believe?" ATLAS: "You're supposed to believe the science and I'm telling you the science."