Hours Trump / Fox / Shepard Smith / John Roberts

Hours after Trump falsely claimed his predecessor was the one responsible for separating migrant children from their families, Fox anchor Shepard Smith and chief WH correspondent John Roberts tag-teamed a comprehensive fact-check of the president’s lies

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Hours Trump / Fox / Shepard Smith / John Roberts

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"I may not be able to be the person that makes it, and becomes an Asian-American pop star," says @ericnamofficial . "But hopefully that moves the culture forward. And it becomes one more person that some kid can look up to and say 'Eric did it, let me try'"

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Supreme Court temporarily blocks Trump administration from restarting federal executions

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Also on @Moneybox  everyday sexism in the extra security measures on Nationwide which sends the confirmation code to the main cardholder's mobile (usually a man) when the second cardholder (often his wife or partner) buys something online. Hmmm. @BBCRadio4  midday.

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"Your culture is what will set you apart from everyone else." @YinkaIlori_ 's stunning artworks are inspired by his Nigerian heritage, & are displayed in public spaces all across London. Take a look at all this colour 👀🎨

Needles was once a thriving desert tourist town. But for 25 years, the city’s population has been falling and the economy faltering. Now, Needles is betting on marijuana to revitalize its future with hopes of becoming “the Emerald City of California.”

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