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Latest Scoops

UK may exhume Russian billionaire dissidents in suspected poisonings https://t.co/0p0MrQqdJc
Hunt down the Greens saboteurs, says Di Natale #auspol https://t.co/JEmaQtSI4z
18 homes destroyed as four bushfires still burn #vicfires https://t.co/PgU5enDbst
Maths illiteracy has led to Trump and Brexit: Eddie Woo https://t.co/ZXHX6clNSj
Strong smell of gas reported across Melbourne's northern suburbs. It's not gas. It is an additive put in LPG to make a gas smell, says MFB. Triple 0 flooded with calls after HAZMAT incident in Epping. MFB says it's not dangerous.
Did tennis player Naomi Osaka just give the worst acceptance speech of all time? Her inexperience at making victory speeches showed https://t.co/5IVELYIalk
'Big is better': Australia's biggest freight trucks will be given the green light to drive on the Eastern Freeway, EastLink and the new North East Link within 10 years after the $16.5 billion toll road is built https://t.co/N5NcfDM7Pu
Victorians, including those with dementia, now have the power to refuse medical treatment or resuscitation even after they lose consciousness or forget who they are https://t.co/svjaLDvXM0
COMMENT I had intended to leave quietly from the Greens by not renewing my membership. But the 'whatever-it-takes' tactics used during the Batman byelection have prompted me to take a different exit path - a loud one https://t.co/Bbvbd9Wt4b
Republican senators warned US President Donald Trump on Sunday against firing Special Counsel Robert Mueller and said he must let federal investigators looking into Russian meddling in the US election do their jobs https://t.co/n2nRbKGThK
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