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Latest Scoops

FIFA World Cup final: France v Croatia live scores, results, highlights https://t.co/EXEkORziSC #Russia2018 #FIFAWorldCup
#FIFA #WorldCupFinal #Russia2018: The lowdown on the teams, odds, key players and matchups https://t.co/UTTz9sOOCP
60 Minutes taken to task for 'undignified' autism segment https://t.co/RuYMR0aNFp
24 years of silence: Julie’s story of forbidden love is more than just a cold case https://t.co/3NWdmaO1e8
US President Donald Trump has declared his intention to run for re-election in 2020. "It seems like everybody wants me to," he says. https://t.co/qGM4Lrqe2s
BREAKING Richie Porte crashes out of Tour de France for second year in a row https://t.co/qtEgh6Ds6t
Listen to our new podcast, Wrong Skin: When a young couple disappeared in the wet season of 1994, it left a community wanting answers - but many too frightened to ask https://t.co/Mom0wz74cx
Serena Williams has her greatest, most hard-won title: Champion of women https://t.co/IB1tKEfUXF #SerenaWilliams
Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) is a chronic disorder known as the "suicide disease" by those suffering from it. https://t.co/ZtxOaqwCT0
Listen to our new Wrong Skin podcast: Julie’s love was forbidden, her death widely ignored, but after 24 years people are talking https://t.co/2DPZjYgCoc
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